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Moonfare co-founder’s brainchild BlueLayer snaps $5.6M to build OS for carbon project developers

BlueLayer founders
Picture credits: BlueLayer

Carbon markets play the important role of linking corporate leaders and their net-zero commitments, with project developers who are removing or avoiding carbon emissions through their projects. Experts estimate that these markets will need to scale to at least 20% of current global emissions or nearly 10 Gigatons by 2050, which is a 40x-fold increase from their current size. 

This is where Berlin-based BlueLayer comes into the picture. The startup is building an operating system designed for carbon project developers. It wants to help these companies manage their carbon credits at scale.

Empowers carbon project developers

BlueLayer just closed a $5.6 million seed funding round led by European software VC Point Nine. It also saw participation from families and individuals with experience across carbon markets. 

Previously, BlueLayer raised a pre-seed round in 2022 from over 50 individuals, including industry-leading CEOs, founders, and climate professionals at the likes of Generation Investment Management, TPG Rise, KKR Climate, SystemIQ, ICE NYSE, Galvanize Climate Solutions, and BloombergNEF.

With this round, the total funding raised by the German startup accounts for $10 million. It plans to use the capital to expand its platform’s capabilities across project stages, grow its team in Berlin, London, and Athens, and continue empowering carbon project developers worldwide to bring quality carbon credits to market.

Brainchild of experienced team

Headquartered in Berlin with teams in London and Athens, BlueLayer was founded by Alexander Argyros, who previously co-founded PE investment platform Moonfare, Vivian Bertseka, a climate investor with Generation Investment Management and a founding partner at Just Climate, and Gerardo Bonilla, Moonfare’s former head of product.

BlueLayer’s customers are the developers that are scaling carbon projects on the ground, to help large corporate partners address beyond value chain mitigation. These projects operate through a wide range of activities, from reforestation, forest conservation, and peatland restoration to frontier solutions like direct air capture and enhanced rock weathering.

OS for carbon project developers 

BlueLayer has built an all-in-one platform that supports developers throughout the entire project lifecycle, from the pre-feasibility stage to the issuance of credits, the tracking of inventory, and the management of orders. Their offering caters to developers of all stages, providing essential tools for project development, data management, and stakeholder communication. BlueLayer’s enterprise-grade software unlocks growth while empowering developers to increase the transparency and quality of their projects.

Notably, BlueLayer has already held talks with over 200 carbon project developers. This shows that most developers are grappling with costly, tedious, and time-consuming manual processes, relying on spreadsheets and outdated data systems that are unfit for any growing industry.

Alexander Argyros, CEO of BlueLayer said: “We’ve strategically aligned with the true change-makers on the ground: carbon project developers. Our focus is singular – one customer base, without the complexity of multiple roles or the need to charge hefty commissions on credit sales. Furthermore, BlueLayer is supported by over 50 industry veterans, subject matter experts, and climate leaders, who together form an unparalleled community available to our customers. This alignment and focus not only fosters trust but also sets us apart — a point of difference highly valued by our customers.”

Vivian Bertseka, COO and Head of Climate at BlueLayer said: “Having spent the past decade investing in climate solutions, including working closely with both nature-based and industrial climate projects, I have an appreciation for the challenges that the industry is facing. BlueLayer helps the most important actors in the carbon markets, the developers, that are on the ground driving carbon removal, protecting nature, and restoring ecosystems. Their work is not easy and while software won’t solve all of their problems, BlueLayer aspires to become a trusted partner that can help them navigate the many unrecognised challenges of scaling projects.” 

Louis Coppey, Partner at Point Nine added: “Since the inception of Point Nine, we’ve been backing and working with teams building the ERPs or the Operating Systems of their industry from the earliest stages. It was Clio in 2010, Mambu in 2012, Amenitiz in 2020, Graneet in 2021, and today BlueLayer. While it’s not the panacea to decarbonise the economy, we do believe that the carbon project developer market will (and needs to) grow tremendously to reach our decarbonisation goals. We are looking forward to supporting Alexander, Vivian, Gerardo, and their team as they build a core infrastructure for this important industry”. 

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