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Uber rival Bolt unveils a three-wheeler EV mini car in Malta

Photo Credit: Bolt

Uber Estonian rival Bolt and Dubai-based micromobility startup Buzzz Electric’s Carver have joined forces to come up with a new and electric compact vehicle that will be available on Malta’s roads. The three-wheeled Carver vehicle, which appears to be a sleek offshoot of a cross between the famed Sicilian Piaggio Ape and a completely electrified future, has now taken to the often chaotic streets of Malta.

The three-wheeled vehicle has a range of 100 kilometres and can comfortably navigate narrow streets. Riders will be able to access the vehicle via the Bolt app as a ‘traffic buster’ category. According to the companies, this will provide a solution to Malta’s mounting traffic and environmental issues.

“At Bolt, our goal is to offer our customers the best use-case for every purpose a personal car serves. With this new category, Bolt will cater to single passengers with cheaper and quicker rides, all whilst being 100% electric. In order to ensure the safety of our riders, these Carver vehicles have been uniquely modified for this specific use in Malta, and all necessary training has been provided to drivers of this new category.” says Ryan Mahoney, Country Manager of Bolt Ridehailing in Malta.

The new vehicles, which are about a metre wide, have a steering wheel, seatbelts, and a proprietary tilting mechanism. They can seat two passengers and have additional storage space. They are enclosed vehicles that convert to convertibles in the summer.

“Buzzz Electric is thrilled to introduce the Carver, with its unique tilting technology and happy to be collaborating with Bolt to increase public accessibility to our fleet of vehicles. Our three-wheeled, electric car is as fun and nimble as a scooter, whilst offering the comfort and safety of a car.  This creative concept can easily handle Malta’s congested streets and aims to offer locals and visitors alike a more effective and environmentally friendly transportation option. We are eager to collaborate with the government and local councils in building a greener, more effective transportation system.” says James Formosa, General Manager of  Buzzz Electric.

“You see an increase in the number of mobility platforms and Bolt is the one with the highest growth in Europe. For a while now, they have been experimenting with various mobility solutions that are tailored specifically to the city. Traffic congestion is a growing problem in Malta as well as in many other European cities.  In collaboration with Buzz Electric and Carver, Bolt is currently examining the best option for Malta and that’s where the Craver comes in. It is a great option because it is quiet, clean, and narrow.  It is ideal to filter through traffic and a good solution for towns and cities that may once more become a little more liveable and accessible for locals and tourists alike.” says CEO of Carver, Anton Rosier.

Bolt was founded in 2013 by Markus Villig, Martin Villig, and Oliver Leisalu and the Estonian ride-sharing startup raised €150M in December 2021 and has expensed its fleet to over 230,000 scooters and e-bikes in over 250 cities. Among its services are ride hailing, car-sharing, Bolt Food, which allows consumers to order meals from restaurants, and Bolt Market, which delivers groceries within 15 minutes. Across Europe and Africa, it claims to have more than 100 million users. 

On the other hand, with a fleet of Carver vehicles specifically designed for Malta’s busy roads, Buzzz Electric offers a variety of models of two-person vehicles as well as small cargo vehicles. 

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