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Top 10 AI tools for video game development in 2024

Picture credits: FRVR

Ask most people about AI, and they immediately think of OpenAI’s Chat GPT or Google’s Gemini. But while they might be the disruptors, hogging the headlines with the deals — or the mistakes — they are making. There are plenty of AIs that are already at work, shaping the projects they are applied to and improving our lives.

One such industry experiencing a transformative impact from AI is game development. AI is enabling developers to push both technological and creative boundaries, resulting in more immersive and dynamic gaming experiences. Today, TFN decided to explore what we believe are the ten interesting  AI tools for game development to watch out for in 2024.


Picture Credits: FRVR

At the dawn of the home computer era, it wasn’t just possible to write a hit game in your bedroom, it was the norm. Since then, gaming has become the domain of large studios, but FRVR AI wants to change that.

Founded by Chris Benjaminsen, FRVR AI is a platform that removes the reliance on specialised software and platforms for game creation. Instead, FRVR AI can describe a game to FRVR, and it will create it, from code to graphics. They can then refine the game as they play, and even edit the generated code directly.

FRVR has achieved remarkable success since its beta launch in 2023. To experience the excitement for yourself, sign up for their public beta and start creating your own games. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in their monthly creator’s contest, with a $2,500 prize pool up for grabs.

The FRVR team’s vision is to make game creation accessible to anyone, regardless of expertise, and they have certainly delivered.


Gamers increasingly want to be able to express themselves through more than just their gameplay. Parisian startup Kinetix is pioneering this self-expression.

Developers can use Kinetix to increase user retention and revenue by enabling the easy creation of user-generated emotes. Their team has combined deep learning engineering with 3D animation, to make emote creation from videos easy and will soon be announcing their first integration with a leading video game company.

As its name suggests, is something of a genius at art. Although game design is just one of its uses, the engine excels at producing artwork and assets for games.

One of its particular strengths — which is why it has become part of many developers’ toolkits — are its fine-tuned models. These specialist models, which include Anime and the cinematic Kino, mean it can quickly create artwork to suit any game’s mood, accelerating the development process and allowing developers to quickly try out ideas.


ElevenLabs team
Picture credits: ElevenLabs

Sound is often an often overlooked, but critical, element of gaming. Many will focus on the graphics or gameplay, but when the sound isn’t quite right, it quickly detracts from the experience.

ElevenLabs is a UK-based GenAI unicorn that offers natural text-to-speech generation. The platform offers not just a range of voices, but can express emotion and infection, and can translate and speak in 29 languages. No matter how intense a game’s scenes are, ElevenLabs can make them international.

InWorld AI

Inworld AI
Picture credits: Inworld AI

Using AI to be, well, AI is an obvious step. When many games are populated with non-playable characters, AI is an ideal way to give them actual character.

Disney Accelerator-backed InWorld AI powers NPC’s giving them motivations and a personality. Developers can use natural language to describe the NPC and its backstory, then use InWorld AI’s studio to interact and develop it further before deploying a fully formed, if non-playable, character into their game.


Graswald are 3D specialists. Their Gscatter Blender add-on utilises their AI engine 3D to make world building easy. Used by over 100,000 users, Gscatter enables the creation of photorealistic worlds in moments.

And it’s at the perfect price point. They have recently announced a $3.3 million seed round for their new product and, as part of that, have made their entire Gscatter library free.


One of the most frustrating parts of gaming is opening a new game, only to then have to wait while a large patch is downloaded. ModlAI helps avoid that by offering AI testing throughout the development process.

The platform can test as the game develops providing bots that can systematically test the game engine. It can even emulate different levels of players to find not just the bugs, but also those little frustrations that could otherwise spoil a game.


Picture Credits: Depositphotos

Yes, that’s right. We’ve included OpenAI’s ChatGPT in our list. It’s everywhere, and while Sam Altman’s ChatGPT (or any large-language model generative AI) is not designed for gaming, it is playing a part in game development.

Its natural language means that it is ideal for developing and testing things like narrative, interactions, and dialogue. 

Promethean AI

Another world-building tool, Promethean AI can take any creative assets — from images and videos, all the way to PowerPoints and PDFs — and use them in the creative process.

The engine can then use your assets, combined with natural language prompts, to accelerate the process of world building. Offering a secure platform, and integrating with leading engines like Blender, Unreal, and Unity, Promethean is trusted by more than 10,000 users, including Playstation Studios, for world building.


Animation was, once, one of the hardest parts of game development: a painstaking process of designing and tweaking individual frames.

Cascadeur changes that. It can take key frames and provide smooth interpolation, dynamically working out body poses from just a few key control points, and adding elements like physics and secondary motion to create lifelike animations.

This article is part of a partnership with FRVR. For partnering opportunities, contact [email protected] or [email protected].

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