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This startup wants gamers to share gameplay moments as playable content, raises $30M

Photo Credit: Edge

Edge, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based provider of a gaming content platform that allows users to play the posts they view, has raised $30M in Series A funding.Corner Ventures led the investment, with Playtika, Stardom Ventures, and AnD Ventures also participating.

The funds will be used to boost operations and development initiatives by the company.


Edge defines Playables as “standalone playable chunks of gameplay built by gamers clipping their own experiences.” Users can then “enter” those situations and act them out for themselves. This works with any game that has Edge’s SDK integrated. The funds will be used to develop the company’s tools.

“We’ve built the Edge platform to unlock for the first time the ability to participate in each other’s most exciting gameplay moments,” said Asaf Gazit, co-founder and CEO at Edge. “This creates an important new opportunity to form a genuine connection with other gamers. Rather than just watching from the sidelines as a spectator, ‘Edgers’ (Edge users) can enter, play, and control the content directly to create their own experiences.”

Marvin Tien, co-founder and general partner at Corner, said in a statement, “Edge is expanding the gaming industry by giving gamers the power to create playable content in a way that is as fast and as easy as uploading a video to social media. We are excited to be joining Edge at this important stage in its lifecycle and look forward to helping it realize its mission of transforming videos we used to watch into game highlights we can play.”

Edge, founded in 2021 by the brothers Asaf and Omri Gazit, is a gaming content platform where users may actually play the posts they view. It is based on patented technology that allows anyone to record game highlights and turn them into standalone game pieces known as “Playables.” These Playables can be shared with others so that they can play right away to generate their own results and experiences.

Creation process

The technique is identical to that of recording a video, except that the Playables that arise are actual mini-games. When Playables are shared on the platform, viewers can click the ‘start playable’ button to leap immediately to that captured moment of the game and play it on their own gaming system as they like. They can then replay that portion as many times as they like to construct their own outcome.

Users can create Playables from any game that includes the company’s own Edge SDK, a gaming engine-agnostic developer kit. The Edge SDK may be added to any game by game publishers and developers to harness the power of large-scale, high-quality user-generated content with no impact on performance. Edge players may now employ user-generated material to establish and expand the game’s community, which is now playable for enhanced relationships and experiences.

The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and has offices in Israel, Los Angeles, and New York, employing approximately 35 people.

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