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This Portuguese edtech scores €1.5M to revolutionise the future of learning

Miles in the sky team
Image credits: Miles in the sky

Reportedly, 87% of organisations worldwide face key skills shortages within their workforce. However, commonly used learning models do not address this problem. While the traditional classroom method has limited capacity and lacks scalability, online courses often prove insufficient regarding participant engagement and knowledge retention.

A Portuguese edtech startup Miles in the Sky responds to this market need created by the constant evolution of organisations and their respective sectors. It addresses the growing knowledge gap that was felt first-hand by its founders, throughout their careers in large organisations, technology companies and renowned universities in Portugal.

Working with the mission to transform the learning experience for students and professionals, Miles in the Sky has scored a €1.5 million seed investment round led by Armilar Venture Partners, a Portuguese VC that backed StudentFinance and Coverflex. The funds will be used to accelerate the development of the platform so that this new methodology can be used at scale.

“This investment serves as a catalyst for us to bring advanced technology and engaging experiences to organisations that will change the future of education and training,” said Paulo Silva, CEO of Miles in the Sky. “We are delighted to have the support of Armilar and 3 other investors to help accelerate the development of our unique learning platform.”

“We believe that Miles in the Sky has cracked the code on effective online education through their innovative learning model and platform, which provides an effective learning experience at scale. We are thrilled to support Paulo, Francisco, Pedro, Ricardo and Luís in their goal to enable corporates and educational institutions to provide engaging and effective training,” said Joaquim Sérvulo Rodrigues, Partner at Armilar.

Revolutionises future of learning

Miles in the Sky was founded by Paulo Silva, Francisco Martins, Pedro Santa Clara, Ricardo Pereira and Luís Miguel Sous in 2021. It began as two companies – Thorly and Shaken with similar vision. Later, Miles in the Sky was formed to empower individuals of any age, gender, nationality, geography, or scholar degree to learn in a relevant, effective and impactful manner, in order to improve their lives.

Lisbon-based startup Miles in the Sky transforms the way we through an innovative platform and a collaborative and project-based learning model. It provides customised, engaging and effective learning experiences that enable organisations from schools to businesses to close skills gaps, scale delivery and increase engagement. Additionally, the platform supports teachers in obtaining essential certifications such as TEFL, which is crucial for teaching English abroad.

Already, it is a trusted partner for over 500 learners from enterprises, public entities, schools and universities.

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