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‘86% of UK adults are now using fintech in their daily lives,’ Miroslava Betinova, Head of Fintech, Griffin

London-based Griffin is an API-first UK bank and full-stack Banking as a Service (BaaS)  platform founded by Silicon Valley engineers David Jarvis and Allen Rohner (who co-founded tech unicorn CircleCI). Further, it is led by a team of banking and technology executives from Form3, Monzo, SWIFT, GoCardless and more. 

The BaaS platform recently got approval from UK financial services regulators to launch as a fully operational bank. The announcement came alongside a $24 million funding round led by MassMutual Ventures, NordicNinja and Breega, with continued participation from existing investors Notion Capital and EQT Ventures. 

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In the exclusive interview with TFN at the IFGS Global Summit, where TFN was a media partner, Miroslava Betinova, the Head of Fintech at Fintech, explains, “We are a tech company with a banking license. We serve as a bank for other fintechs to thrive. In practical terms, this means we hold a full UK banking license, offer interest-bearing accounts, provide integrated ledger services, and facilitate seamless onboarding and verification processes.”

She adds, “Our proposition is distinctly B2B, driven by APIs, aimed at solving fintech market challenges through technology. Griffin Bank prioritises simplicity and security, embedding these principles into every facet of its offerings.”

Prior to joining the company, Betinova immersed herself in the domain of e-money and card issuing. Her contributions were instrumental in launching several innovative and value-adding FinTech programs in the UK market. Many of these initiatives have since evolved into significant players within the UK fintech landscape. 

Talking about the embedded finance market she points out, “I believe the fintech space is experiencing a significant boom in Europe. 86% of UK adults currently engage with fintech products. Embedded finance has been prevalent for some time; these statistics didn’t emerge overnight. There remains ample space for innovation and a drive towards scaling forward. The responsibility lies with market players, including ourselves and our competitors, to foster innovation. Together, we aim to cultivate an ecosystem that ultimately benefits the end customer. At the end of the day, the ultimate objective is to create solutions that enhance people’s lives. If we can answer ‘yes’ to that question, then we’ve had a truly fulfilling day.”

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