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Media Masters: Top women-led PR firms empowering tech startups in London


In order to establish a thriving enterprise in London, mere managerial expertise and top-notch products are insufficient. A robust PR strategy is essential to garner attention for your brand, and adept PR agencies in London play a pivotal role in accomplishing this mission.

If you are a tech startup and thinking of hiring a PR agency but are unsure what it can do for your business? A PR agency is more than just a marketing tool. It’s an investment in your business’s success. With the right strategy and guidance, a good PR agency can help you reach your goals faster and with greater impact.

Teaming up with a dependable PR agency empowers you to concentrate on enhancing your business, while they take charge of crafting and disseminating press releases, orchestrating social media campaigns, coordinating events, and addressing media inquiries.

Overall, women in leadership roles have demonstrated exceptional business growth potential across sectors. With more women leaders heading the corporate and entrepreneurial world, there have been paradigm shifts in the way women have been perceived in the professional environment. This trend has extended into PR and many women founders have started PR agencies to support the diverse startup community.

That said, we at TFN today have curated a list of the top PR agencies in London to help startups gain media attention and grow in 2023 and they’re founded by some incredible women in the tech industry.


CommsCo founder
Picture credits: CommsCo

Founder/s: Ilona Hitel
Founded year: 2013

CommsCo is a dynamic PR agency based in London. Founded by a female, this PR agency has been a trailblazer in the technology industry since its debut.

Focusing on PR campaigns for challenger technology brands, CommsCo has garnered acclaim for its agile support, innovative ideas, and impactful outcomes. Catering to a diverse customer base spanning various sectors such as cloud computing, SaaS, AI, accounting tech, HR technology, marketing automation, cybersecurity, recruitment tech, and healthtech, CommsCo is adept at meeting the unique needs and demands of each industry.

Amidst the ever-evolving technology landscape, CommsCo remains steadfast in its commitment to guiding clients through the dynamic media landscape, fostering brand awareness, and accomplishing their business objectives.

FieldHouse Associates

FieldHouse Associates founder
Picture credits: FieldHouse Associates

Founder/s: Cordelia Meacher
Founded year: 2012

FieldHouse Associates was launched in 2012 – an inflection point for the UK innovation and investment ecosystem – by venture capital communications pioneer Cordelia Meacher. FieldHouse Associates’ mission is to help innovators, investors, and enablers across the ecosystem to grow and succeed. It uses its communications expertise and unparalleled network to do high-impact work that goes beyond just press coverage and changes businesses’ trajectories.

FieldHouse supports three groups – 1) innovative, fast-growing tech startups and scaleups at every stage and across a wide range of sectors – from mobility to edtech, spacetech to healthtech, cybersecurity to fintech, AI and deeptech to cleantech, 2) VC firms – from UK-focused seed specialists to giant pan-European multi-stage funds – throughout their fund lifecycle, and 3) “enablers” contributing to the growth of the ecosystem, including accelerators and incubators, events, corporates, professional services firms, and trade bodies.

The agency also partners with key players – including investor relations firm NOTWICS, with which it runs a series of startup pitch events, innovation-focused think tank The Entrepreneurs Network, with which it formed a forum to help investors contribute to policy discussions, and community platform Venturepath, for which members of the team are advisers to founders. The team also regularly runs workshops on communications and media topics for startups through organisations such as London & Partners, SeedCamp, ZINC, and more. 

Ecology Media

Ecology Media founder
Picture credits: Ecology Media

Founder/s: Georgia Hanias
Founded year: 2017

Ecology Media, established in 2017, is a London-based brand and communications consultancy with a team of 7 people. They specialise in the tech industry, particularly in the areas of fintech, social impact, and Web3. Their diverse client base extends worldwide, showcasing their expertise in working with companies from various corners of the globe. The team at Ecology Media reflects their commitment to diversity, with 75% of the team being female and 25% representing visible minorities. This inclusive and varied perspective allows them to effectively understand and connect with diverse audiences in their PR campaigns.

The founder of Ecology Media, Georgia Hanias, is a media consultant and a champion of diversity. Her experience in the PR industry is extensive, having worked with notable organisations and startups in the fintech sector. Before founding Ecology Media, she played a key role in Innovate Finance, promoting financial inclusion and diversity in the FinTech industry.

Ecology Media’s approach revolves around creating strong ideas that build networks and reputations for their clients. Their focus on emerging technologies and brands that promote diversity and social inclusion highlights their dedication to fostering a positive impact through their PR work.

As a brand and communications consultancy, Ecology Media thrives on understanding their clients’ audiences and engaging with them both online and offline. They are committed to providing the best possible environment for their clients’ brands to flourish and succeed.

Overall, Ecology Media is a reputable PR firm with a passion for diversity, emerging technologies, and making a positive impact in the tech industry.

Black Unicorn

Black Unicorn founder
Picture credits: Black Unicorn

Founder/s: Julija Jegorova
Founded year: 2018

Black Unicorn, founded in 2018, is a PR agency that has made a significant impact in the London tech industry. With a team of 15 highly talented individuals, they have helped numerous startups and established companies gain brand coverage and recognition.Their success in the tech niche is evident from the wide range of client success cases, ranging from early-stage startups to unicorn companies valued at over $1 billion. They have worked with clients from various parts of the world, spanning from Estonia and the Baltics to South Africa, Australia, and Indonesia.

The founder of Black Unicorn PR, Julija (JJ) Jegorova, brings 14 years of international PR and communications experience to the table. Having worked with high-profile brands and sustainable tech startups, JJ recognised the need for innovative startup PR and established the agency to become a genuine extension of startups’ teams. Her passion for educating startups on PR and marketing is reflected in her frequent participation in tech conferences and mentorship sessions.

With a focus on reputation management and earned media, Black Unicorn PR has secured client coverage in top-tier publications, as well as mainstream media outlets. Their involvement in elevating the image of CEE startups and the entire ecosystem has contributed to the region’s significant growth in startup funding, growth, and exits.

Duet London

Picture credits: Duet London

Founder/s: Jazz Gandhi, Lucie Bickerdike
Founded year: 2022

Duet London is a boutique technology communications consultancy founded in September 2022 and officially launched in December 2022 by co-founders Jazz Gandhi and Lucie Bickerdike. With a team size of two, their combined experience of over 35 years in B2B tech PR and communications makes them a formidable force in the industry.

The firm has made a significant impact in the tech niche, helping fast-growing startups and scale-ups establish themselves and gain recognition in competitive markets. Their success is reflected in their media coverage, including being listed as one of PR Week’s 11 New UK Agencies to Watch in 2023 and securing tier-one coverage for clients across renowned publications.

Diversity is a core value at Duet London, as evident from their co-founders’ backgrounds. Lucie Bickerdike, an English Rose with Argentinian heritage, and Jazz Gandhi, a British-born Punjabi-Sikh with African heritage, bring unique perspectives to their work. They aim to champion diversity and provide senior communications consultancy that is accessible for startups and scale-ups.

Jazz Gandhi, the co-founder and director, boasts an impressive track record of strategic, integrated PESO campaigns for notable brands. On the other hand, Lucie Bickerdike, the other co-founder and director, holds vast agency-side experience, contributing to the success of technology brands.

Their commitment to diversity extends beyond their team, as Jazz Gandhi is actively involved in speaking engagements that address barriers to entry for individuals from diverse and low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Overall, Duet London stands out as an agency with a strong focus on diversity, expertise in the tech industry, and a remarkable ability to help their clients’ stories gain the recognition they deserve.


Burlington founder
Picture credits: Burlington

Founder/s: Nadia Kelly
Founded year: 2016

Burlington is Europe’s leading tech and venture PR agency, trusted by visionary tech investors and founders. With an international and all-female core team of 12, Burlington’s approach is to combine its deep sector knowledge with journalistic values, using data to build narratives that reflect the ambitions of founders and investors.

Since launch, Burlington has worked with more than 100 of the world’s greatest tech companies and investors, including ASOS, Balderton Capital,, Deliveroo, Farfetch, General Catalyst, Highland Europe and LocalGlobe, and Voi.

Yourstory PR

Yourstory founder
Picture credits: Yourstory

Founder/s: Courtney Glymph
Founded year: 2019

YourStoryPR, founded in 2019, is a global tech specialist PR agency with a team of 15 dedicated professionals. Their brand coverage in the tech niche speaks volumes about their success in the industry, having secured placements in reputable media outlets such as Sky News, Forbes, TechCrunch, Fortune, Sifted, and Evening Standard. This demonstrates their ability to effectively engage stakeholders and drive impactful results for their clients.The team at YourStoryPR takes pride in its diversity and inclusivity, with 90% of the team being female, black-owned, and embracing individuals from ethnically diverse, neurodivergent, and LGBTQ backgrounds. This inclusive approach allows them to bring a fresh and unique perspective to every client relationship, fostering creative and engaging voices for their varied clientele.

Founder and CEO, Courtney Glymph, is an experienced PR professional with over 15 years of industry knowledge. She has a strong focus on leveraging technology for maximum impact and excels in creating powerful content campaigns that build brands and drive revenues. Her passion for storytelling and commitment to helping businesses grow and succeed in today’s digital world sets YourStoryPR apart as a results-driven agency.

As a female, minority-owned business, YourStoryPR places paramount importance on diversity and embraces a team encompassing various nationalities and racial backgrounds. This dynamic and enthusiastic team works across multiple time zones and territories to deliver best-in-class campaigns and meaningful results for their clients, making them a leading force in the tech PR industry.

PHA Media

PHA Media team
Picture credits: PHA Media

Founder/s: Phil Hall, Jules O’Riordan
Founded year: NA

PHA Media has a strong team of female PR professionals who work closely with tech startups, offering a range of PR and communications services. Last year, the PHA Group made its first acquisition, buying digital agency Red Hot Penny for an undisclosed sum.

The PR agency announced that it witnessed a growth of 20% in the past year, increasing its fee income past £10 million, with further UK regional growth planned to build on the agency’s presence in London and Manchester.

Crest Communications

Crest Comm founder
Picture credits: Crest Comm

Founder/s: Rhiannon Evans-Young
Founded year: 2016

Crest Comm supports tech startups, scaleups, and VCs with their communications strategies. It specialises in helping innovative companies find their voice, attract attention from the right audiences, and build brands that people trust.

With a team of ten, Crest supports game-changing tech startups, including ElevenLabs, Flexa, Thymia, and Stilride often at pre-seed or seed stage and supporting innovators as they scale, all the way through to exit. Crest also works with some of the world’s leading VCs, including Concept Ventures, JamJar Investments, Nesta Impact Investments, and Sapphire Ventures, supporting them on everything from announcing 9-figure new funds to the unveiling of market shifting investments.

CEW Communications

CEW Communications founder
Picture credits: CEW Communications

Founder/s: Cathy White
Founded year: 2016

CEW Communications, established in November 2016, is a communications agency that has made a mark in the tech industry through its specialisation in supporting early-stage tech startups and venture capitalists. With a team size of 17 individuals, the agency has a wealth of experience in promoting tech brands across various sectors, including Aerospace, Consumer Apps, Climate Tech, DeepTech, FoodTech, Financial Services & FinTech, HealthTech & MedTech, and SaaS.

One of the agency’s key strengths is its international reach, delivering successful PR campaigns not only in the UK but also in major European markets like the DACH region, France, the Netherlands, and Spain. Some of their prominent clients include APEX Ventures, Floww, Mondu, Toqio, and Sleepwave.

CEW Communications prides itself on fostering a diverse team, with 9 nationalities represented, 76% of the team being female, and 23% coming from BAME backgrounds.

The agency’s founder and CEO, Cathy White, brings a wealth of experience in the PR industry, having worked with some of Europe’s most significant scaleups and VCs for over a decade. Her background includes roles at prestigious startup institutions like Seedcamp and Tech Nation, as well as experience in agency roles. Cathy’s expertise covers various sectors, including DeepTech, FinTech, HealthTech, and AI.

Their success can be attributed to their deep understanding of the startup ecosystem and their commitment to providing tailored communications support to emerging tech companies and their supporting organisations. With a strong emphasis on diversity and a leader with a remarkable track record, the agency continues to thrive in the ever-evolving tech niche.

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