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£5M boost fund: Capital Pilot announces investment in these 5 startups

Capital Pilot investments
Image credits: Capital Pilot

Capital Pilot, an Investability rating agency for startups and scaleups headquartered in London, recently launched £5 million Boost Boost Fund 1. Now, it has announced the first five startup businesses backed by the fund on the basis of its Investability Rating.

Boost Fund 1 investments

Capital Pilot‘s Boost Fund 1 is the UK’s first automated high-volume investment fund, which targets UK-based startups. The Boost Fund 1 plans to complete 100 equity investments in less than 6 months.

True to its investment vision, the Fund’s first 5 investments feature 2 female founders, 1 founder from a BAME background and 2 businesses based outside London.

Capital Pilot investments

Let’s take the investments made by Boost Fund 1 from here.

Bubbl: It is a mobile customer engagement platform that uses simple low code API’s.
DabbaDrop: UK’s first sustainable, zero-waste takeaway service in reusable, emission-free stainless steel containers.
Fanslide: This is an in-play fantasy football game that reimagines the way fans watch and enjoy live.
ORB Innovations: It created the world’s first smart sports mouthguard that monitors both physiology & biomechanics. It can be imagined as a ‘Fitbit in a mouthguard’.
YesRef: It helps Sports Organisations to find and pay Sports Officials in one platform and helps Sports Officials find games and get paid digitally.

Richard Blakesley, Founder & CEO of Capital Pilot commented: “I’m delighted that the first cohort of investments in the Boost Fund is reflective of Capital Pilot’s vision to ensure equal access to funding for companies and founders from all backgrounds. We are confident the Boost Fund will supercharge startups across the UK, and I encourage founders to explore the objective, transparent and rapid application process that we have helped design for the Boost Fund.”

“As a female founder from the BAME community, I’ve felt like an outsider in the world of investment and funding as the people I’ve come across are from a more traditional background. Capital Pilots Boost Fund 1 has allowed us (quick) access to investment based on the traction we have worked so hard to build within the business, rather than my background. Access to investment on equal terms is something all founders need and can get behind – so thanks Capital Pilot!” added Anshu Ahuja, Co-Founder at DabbaDrop, one of the first Boost Fund investees.

Transparent fundraising process

Founded by Matthew Johnson and Richard Blakesley in 2016, Capital Pilot’s approach brings efficiency and transparency to the fundraising process for founders, and also helps investors build truly diverse portfolios of entrepreneurial businesses.

Capital Pilot’s aim is to help founders identify and fix flaws in their investor proposition early, to maximise their chances of funding success.

With its Boost Fund 1, it will be the leading UK startup investment fund by volume and back a diverse range of ambitious UK-based startup businesses through its innovative, alternative investment approach.

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