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The latest high-paying jobs in Gen AI in London

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ChatGPT, introduced last November, is causing a buzz in various markets. It’s impressive because it can do a lot – write papers, make poems, create code, and answer questions. This has made it a well-known AI chatbot that’s used by different industries and people. It became successful very quickly.

This has birthed a wave of generative AI triumph, attracting tech behemoths like Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, and visionary Elon Musk, who ventured into the domain with their own ChatGPT counterparts, tailored for specific industries.

Worries about AI taking over jobs are mixed, says a Deloitte report: 64% expect fewer jobs and 48% worry about AI affecting their work. But, jobs in generative AI like machine learning engineers, data scientists, and AI researchers are in hot demand, resulting in growth because of progress in AI, more data, and using AI in things like making images and language processing.

Additionally, industries spanning healthcare, entertainment, marketing, and finance have embraced generative AI to augment products and services, spurring demand for proficient experts.

As generative AI prepares for a new era of productivity, industries create fresh job opportunities, weaving a canvas where human creativity meets AI wonders. Let’s explore the current hottest job opening in the Gen AI field in the UK!

Generative AI jobs in London

If you are interested in a new job now, the Tech Funding News Job Board is a great place to start. Discover thousands of open roles all across the tech industry, like the three below.

Propel Together, an AI and analytics scaleup is looking for a Senior Architect for the ownership of its enterprise applications for Archiving and Messaging. As a Senior Architect, you will hold a pivotal position, taking charge of design components for designated products. Your responsibilities will span the development and maintenance of system architecture, with a focus on ensuring the faithful execution of architectural choices. Additionally, your role will involve proposing fresh product concepts and contributing to the innovation and growth of our endeavours. Know more about this role

Citi is hiring a Generative AI Common Platform Engineer – SVP. By joining Citi’s Common Platform Engineering team, you will craft and engineer software of exceptional quality and unwavering reliability, and collaborate extensively with fellow development units, quantitative experts, and subject-matter authorities within our business domains. You will also manage and scale the platform operations while perpetually driving innovation and evolution to enhance its capabilities. Know more details here.

The popular short video creation platform TikTok is looking for a Talent Sourcer – Data AI Lab – London (Third-party Contractor). You will collaborate with recruiters and hiring managers to support the company’s hiring efforts as we grow our organisation. You will also serve as an advocate for the company by providing high-quality and welcoming interview experiences to each candidate. More details about the role

Octopus Energy is seeking a Cloud Security Engineer who is skilled in security architecture, deployment, and management. You will work closely with the delivery and integrations teams to improve the overall security, quality, and scalability of its product build, deployment, and monitoring. You will design and automate the deployment of security tooling, drive technical decisions to develop and manage the product engineering roadmap and plan and implement solutions for backup and recovery, high availability, key management, and other strategic initiatives. More information about the role.

Lastly, the tech giant Google is looking for a Cloud AI Engineer for Google Cloud. You will design and implement Machine Learning solutions for customer use cases, leveraging core Google products including TensorFlow, DataFlow, and Vertex AI. You will work with customers to identify opportunities to apply machine learning in their business and travel to customer sites to deploy solutions and deliver workshops to educate and empower customers. Know more here.

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