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Blue Ocean Mandate gets €20m and backing by the Prince of Monaco

Blue Ocean Mandate

The international venture capitalist and impact investor, Future Planet Capital, has presently announced the close of a new €20M Blue Ocean Mandate that aims at tackling key issues affecting the world’s oceans.

The mandate will achieve its objectives by investing in a portfolio of ten to fifteen fast-growing and high-impact companies that are profitably tackling important issues within the Blue Economy.

The funding was led by Barclays Private Bank, partnered with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and the Monaco Government in the context of the Monaco Blue Initiative (MBI) and the Monaco Ocean Week, at the end of March.

“I am excited to announce the launch of the Future Planet Blue Ocean mandate and we are delighted to partner with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, which has a deep commitment to the protection of the world’s oceans. This is a critical task if we are to mitigate the increasing challenge the planet faces today including the climate crisis and biodiversity loss. Future Planet Capital was an early mover in the impact investing space and with our track record of challenging global issues we look forward to seeing the impact of the Future Planet Blue Ocean.” Douglas Hansen-Luke, Executive Chairman of Future Planet Capital was quoted.

Blue oceans made greener

The planet is undergoing a man-made climate crisis that has consequently led to several key imbalances which might affect us in the long run. This man-made crisis inevitably spilt over to oceans, with unsustainable fishing which led to ecosystem degradation, ocean floor destruction and plastic pollution, just to mention a few major issues.

Understanding the importance of the oceans to our modern civilization has been crucial to helping mitigate these issues. We have understood the importance of preventing a loss of biodiversity in the oceans and preventing further pollution and degradation.

Oceans provide countless benefits to people, including food, medicines, renewable energy and natural resources. The estimated value of goods and services produced by marine and coastal resources is roughly €2.5 trillion a year.

Keeping the oceans clean is crucial for sustainable development and global poverty eradication. The oceans provide billions with an income and healthy diets. Oceans are also important for the climate, absorbing about 30% of the planet’s carbon dioxide, buffering the impact of global warming.

The rise in ESG investing has been crucial in shifting focus to long-overlooked issues and attempting to fix them. 2021 saw a global record of $649B poured into ESG funds, up from $542B and $285B in 2020 and 2019 respectively, a rapid increase. Equity values of ESG companies also sharply increased within the same time period.

Impact purposeful capital

The Blue Ocean Mandate will mainly target three areas within the Blue Economy: preventing pollution, preservation of marine environments & ecosystems and sustainable marine productivity.

The entity intends to make investments primarily in Series A and B stages in companies creating scalable solutions to issues such as overfishing, biodiversity loss and pollution. It will also seek opportunities within clean energy, green protein, sustainable shipping and carbon capture.

The fund manager

The blue ocean mandate will be managed by Future Planet Capital’s experienced investment team, including Ed Phillips, Partner and Head of Origination, and Lyle Pentith, Portfolio Manager.

Future Planet is a London-based impact-led venture capital firm built to back growth companies from top universities and research ecosystems worldwide. The firm manages over $300M for institutional investors, having backed over 180 companies. The goal of Future Planet Capital is to profitably solve the world’s greatest challenges in climate change, education, health, sustainable growth & security.

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