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Tech job goldmines: 3 highest paying sectors UK professionals should look at in 2024

Zopa Team
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This year was a challenging one for the tech sector, with layoffs happening across all areas, and companies grappling to deal with challenging economic environments. 

However, as we head towards the new year, the value of tech UK tech startups has increased from $988bn to $996.8bn, and predictions for 2024 remain positive.

The constantly evolving nature of the tech industry means that the demand for professionals who are skilled in specific areas, such as software engineering and data science, remains strong.  This will continue to grow as we move into the new year, with the constant need for upskilling attributing to tech workers’ higher than national average salaries. 

Companies are constantly in search of specialised talent which will put them ahead of the competition, so for those who are skilled in certain areas, the outlook for UK tech workers in certain sectors looks strong. Here’s where the jobs will be in 2024.

1. Artificial Intelligence 

Goldman Sachs has declared 2024 the year that AI goes from “excitement” to “deployment” with more companies embracing its capabilities within their day-to-day structure, thus increasing global productivity. 

Deloitte echoes this prediction and estimates that generative AI will see an increase in valuation amounting to $10 million as companies start to demand its inclusion in all updated software. Roles within AI expected to become more in demand include AI product manager, ethics and compliance roles, and prompt engineers. 

2. Cloud Computing 

Worldwide, spending by businesses on cloud computing infrastructure is forecast to top $1 trillion for the first time in 2024, which places those with demonstrable cloud experience in the driving seat when it comes to their choice of roles. 

This increased demand will be driven by an increased need among companies across all sectors to adopt new platforms and software as well as as-a-service offerings. Roles within cloud computing expected to rise in demand during 2024 include cloud architect, cloud developer and cloud security.  

3. Data Analytics 

Data-backed decisions are needed in all industries, and as AI changes the game, professionals who can make industry-led decisions backed by data will remain in high demand. Roles within data analytics include business analyst, data analyst and machine learning engineer. 

When it comes to jobs, the government says “The demand for specialist data skills is growing”, and in its 2020 National Data Strategy, it identified data skills as one of four pillars needed to ensure that the UK benefits from data. 

2021’s National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy has also recognised skills and talent as core to the nation’s success in AI.

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Founded in 2012, the company’s vision is to enable a world where value moves as seamlessly as information flows today––an Internet of Value. Ripple is currently hiring for a number of tech roles; see those here.


Zopa is on a mission to create simple, fair and honest financial products that have the customer’s needs at heart based on customer feedback that helps build a bank of the future. From its 2005 launch as the world’s first peer-to-peer lending company in 2005 to gaining a full banking licence in 2020, Zopa continues to go from strength to strength and is currently hiring. Find a tech job for 2024 now.

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