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Swiss AI startup PeakData raises €12.1M to connect pharma companies with healthcare professionals

PeakData Founders
Image credits: PeakData

Switzerland-based PeakData, an AI platform that identifies and monitors the most relevant and impactful healthcare professionals (HCP) for pharmaceutical companies, has raised €12.1 million in Series A funding. The investment round was led by AlbionVC (that backed Ophelos, Speechmatics, and RegGenome) alongside participation from Octopus Ventures and Heal Capital.

Growth and development plans

PeakData will use the funding to expand all aspects of the business to support their growth plans as well as continue to develop the platform. The company aims to have its platform used by the vast majority of pharmaceutical companies around the globe and in as many drug markets as possible in the next five years.

Patrick De Boer, co-founder of PeakData said: “We see PeakData as filling a key gap in the way our customers receive and analyse this data in order to improve the conversations they are having with a much wider variety of HCPs in their area. Combining our AI approach and platform with the global presence of a number of pharmaceutical companies will have an immediate and long-term positive impact for our customers and the patients they serve. We’re delighted that Albion shares this vision and look forward to working with them in the future.”

Christoph Ruedig, partner at AlbionVC said: “Finding the right therapeutic experts and healthcare professionals for their medicines is massively important for pharmaceutical companies and with PeakData they can now reach global, national, and local medical professionals who shape clinical decision-making. The potential for PeakData to help provide better patient outcomes and improve the decision-making of key healthcare professionals is very exciting and we’re pleased to be able to join the team on this journey.”

Customer-focused AI web platform

PeakData was founded by Michael Feldman and Patrick de Boer in 2017 in Switzerland after realising the potential of AI to bring life-saving treatments to patients more quickly. It enables pharmaceutical companies to enhance the depth and breadth of their customer base and learn more about HCPs that are most relevant to their target market. It will ensure patients benefit from innovative new medicines much sooner.

With PeakData pharma companies can enhance the effectiveness of commercial and medical teams and, for the first time, uncover the whole HCP universe for any given therapeutic area to focus resources only on those HCPs that matter most. The platform uses AI algorithms to rank these HCPs in terms of their digital impact, influence and relevance to their target market and uses dynamic data to observe changes in HCP status over time. This gives pharma companies the ability to focus their limited resources on those most relevant HCPs.

PeakData’s platform is fully customisable to the needs of each of its customers with tailored onboarding and training to support rapid deployment across a business. Customers interact with PeakData through a web-based platform that learns about their distinct needs and attempts to provide the most interesting insights depending on territory, drug market and background.

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