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Streamline payments: French firm Synalcom merges with fintech Qori to launch Sylq


Synalcom, Paris-based electronic payment solutions, and services provider, announced recently that it has merged with mobile-first payments fintech firm Qori to launch — Sylq.  

The merger

The latest merger aims to position Sylq as one of the leading multi-channel players in the European market. The new company will offer businesses a distinctive integrated payment system that allows for purchases using various methods such as cards, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrency on any payment terminal or Android and iOS device. 

Sylq will supply, personalise, support, and maintain terminals across Europe. Daniel Maurice-Vallerey, CEO of Sylq, said: “This is one of the most impactful mergers in the world of payments in recent times. As a cutting-edge payments leader, Sylq has the technology, client base, financial strength, and leadership expertise to provide a unique offering to European merchants with unparalleled flexibility. Sylq will offer retailers three distinct types of payments both in-store and online and facilitate reward engagement through one action saving businesses precious time and money.”

Offers electronic payment solutions

Founded in 2007 by Tony Delalande, Synalcom provides retailers, merchants, healthcare professionals, and banks with a wide range of payment products and services, including a large variety of payment terminals and accompanying infrastructure. 

The French company currently supports over 20,000 businesses in France and has deployed over 230,000 payment terminals.

Commenting on the merger, Tony Delalande, President of Sylq, said: “Sylq will revolutionise the European payments landscape, directly challenging Adyen and Stripe. As a brand new offering for businesses and merchants, Sylq combines pay by bank, payment by cryptocurrency, and high-value card payments, whilst also integrating engagement and loyalty schemes in a revolutionary 4-in-1 mobile application and an e-commerce platform. Sylq provides merchants with point-of-sale terminals, payment platforms, and assisted onboarding alongside 24/7 support in French and English. With over 150 employees and a customer-centric approach, Sylq is the market-leading all-in-one business partner available in every European country.”

Mobile-first payments

On the other hand, serial fintech entrepreneurs Alain Falys and Daniel Maurice-Vallerey founded Qori in 2021. 

The company has developed a payments system that enables merchants to accept card, cryptocurrency, and bank payments on any payment terminal or mobile device, via a single app utilising QR codes and NFC technology. 

The platform also allows businesses to effortlessly integrate loyalty incentives and rewards, enhancing customer retention. 

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