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shoreline, the incident automation company, recently announced raising $35 million in Series B funding. The investment was led by New York-based global private equity and venture capital firm Insight Partners with participation from London-based early-stage venture fund Dawn Capital. Founded in 2019, the financing brings Shoreline’s total funding raised to $57 million.

Avoiding major outages

Remember the major Facebook outage, a while back, when everything stopped working including WhatsApp and so many firms lost millions in business. While there are many DevOps tools to detect incidents and assign them to the right person, there’s hardly anything to help fix them. On-call engineers are asked to manage ever-growing fleets and increasingly complex environments with VMs, containers, microservices, managed services, multiple clouds, and multiple accounts. Today, most companies spend as much on the people to manage their cloud infrastructure as they do on the infrastructure itself.

Companies move to the cloud to improve development velocity and the pace of innovation. Most have automated tools to build, test, release, configure, and deploy. Production operations remain manual and are the new development bottleneck.

Enters Shoreline, which simplifies the remediation of incidents in production cloud environments. The California-based startup makes it easy to quickly build “set it and forget it” automation to continuously monitor and repair commonplace incidents.

Meanwhile, for the incidents requiring human judgment, Shoreline reduces errors, repair time, and escalations with Jupyter-like notebooks that pre-populate diagnostics and provide step-by-step repair recipes. For new incidents, Shoreline provides real-time fleetwide debugging, enabling engineers to precisely detect root causes and make repairs without needing to SSH into the box after box.

“Production operations is broken – there is too much downtime, too many mistakes, and too much repetitive work fixing the same incidents again and again,” said Anurag Gupta, founder and CEO at

“Shoreline Incident Automation improves availability, reduces costs, and, most importantly, gives engineers time back to build, create, and grow their services. At Shoreline, we believe if anyone, anywhere, diagnoses and automates an incident, everyone, everywhere, should benefit from their shared solution. This round enables us to deliver against this vision.”

“As we move to a Cloud-first world, it has been a significant challenge automating system reliability and production operations,” said George Mathew, Managing Director at Insight Partners. “Shoreline’s strong founding team has brought their system reliability engineering (SRE) expertise managing cloud fleets at scale to deliver these capabilities to operational teams of all sizes. We’re thrilled to partner with Anurag & the Shoreline team on the next chapter of their growth journey.”

A prepackaged solution for companies

In the cloud, companies run on common infrastructure and build applications with the same databases, messaging servers, application servers, and cloud services as their peers. Shoreline will use the proceeds from its Series B to expand the team and deliver prepackaged solutions for the many commonplace problems encountered by engineers in the public cloud. This will enable companies of any size to operate reliably using best practice solutions built by the most experienced engineers at other Shoreline customers.

“Companies spend as much on the people to manage cloud infrastructure as they do on the cloud infrastructure itself – over 200 billion dollars each year,” said Evgenia Plotnikova, General Partner at Dawn Capital. “They need automated operations to scale with the growth of their cloud fleets. The customers we’ve spoken to find Shoreline Incident Automation to be transformative. We’re incredibly excited to work with Shoreline to bend the cost curve managing cloud infrastructure.”

Both established enterprises and fast-growing unicorns rely on Shoreline to automatically resolve common incidents in production, broaden the team that can safely repair incidents, and perform live site debugging of new incidents.

“Every company running in the cloud needs Shoreline to eliminate common production incidents,” said Osama Elkady, Co-Founder and CTO at Incorta.” Their notebooks pre-populate diagnostics and lay out the fixes for our ops engineers – across all our cloud providers. Shoreline also handles common incidents fully autonomously, in seconds. Shoreline redefines how we approach production operations.”

“We use Shoreline to reduce manual work and improve the reliability of our cloud infrastructure that helps any company harness the power of Everyday AI,” said Louis-Philippe Kronek, GM, Dataiku Online. “We estimate that Shoreline has saved one engineer 10 days of work a month, and expect the value to grow as Dataiku Online does. Shoreline makes our engineers more effective and allows them to spend more time doing what they love – building, coding, and making an impact.”

— Press release

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