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Shopify founder backs Mason in $1.7M to build Figma for data analytics

Mason founders
Image credits: Mason

Swedish productivity app for data analytics, Mason, has closed $1.7 million in pre-seed funding. The investment round was led by European early-stage investor Creandum (that recently backed Factorial, KiveTimberhub, and Klaus) alongside participation from a group of business angels, including Tobi Lutke (Co-founder of Shopify), Christian Reber (Co-founder of Pitch), Renauld Visage (Co-founder Eventbrite), and Fredrik Björk (Co-founder of Grafbase).

Launched limited beta version of its app

Mason just launched their limited beta (request access on and is already used by fast-paced product teams. The funding will be used to grow the team of passionate builders and to continue to evolve the product.

Quote Anders Berntsson: “We founded Mason because we looked in awe at the designers and engineers around us. The productivity gains they got from using tools they love didn’t compare to our experience working with data. We felt there must be a better way than rewriting queries repeatedly and debugging SQL on Slack. With Mason, we combine the best parts of data analytics and productivity software to build the data analytics tool we always wanted. The strong support from our investors will allow us to pursue our vision of making it faster than ever to get answers from data.”

Quote Creandum General Partner Staffan Helgesson: “With Mason, we see a new era of data understanding emerging. As there is more and more data to analyze it is no longer sustainable to keep everything within a data team only and still keep up a fast pace. Mason will make sure that each team is data-driven and doesn’t have to wait for information from a separate team. Run by this highly experienced team, we’re excited to kick off this early-stage journey.”

Builds Figma for data analytics

Mason is a young startup founded by William Tisäter, Anders Berntsson, and Anton Reimertz in 2020 in Stockholm, Sweden. The founding team most recently launched the Shop app at Shopify and grew it to one of the most downloaded apps in North America. Together, they have painfully gone through all approaches to data analytics and now building the data analytics tool they always wanted. The productivity app for data analytics enables teams to query, visualise and share data faster than ever.

Mason is collaborative at its core and makes the whole team’s shared knowledge available in an intuitive UI. The tool learns from every query created and uses that information to guide the next user to the right data.

The team operates the company entirely remotely. Mason runs team meetings and weekly product demos in Virtual Reality workrooms to have engaging conversions and connect the team while still working remotely. Every team member can create their own avatars and can bring their personality into meetings in a completely different way than as a flat tile on a screen.

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