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Female-led Scottish spacetech secures £1.5M to revolutionise use of satellite data by businesses and individuals

Earth Blox
Image credits: Earth Blox

Earth Blox, a Scottish tech firm, announced today that it has secured £1.5M in a Seed round of funding from Archangels, a business angel investment syndicate. 

The funding will enable Earth Blox to scale its product, increase the volume of data sources, and expand into new markets, including agriculture, urban development, finance for asset management, and ESG. 

The company will also use the funds to develop its no-code Earth Observation (EO) cloud-based SaaS.

The founder and CEO of the firm, Genevieve Patenaude, says, “We are very pleased to secure this funding from Archangels and join a strong portfolio of businesses in the life sciences and tech sectors. Investment into innovative businesses like ours is vital to growth in all areas, from customer acquisition to building a great team. This investment will help us develop Earth Blox as a scalable SaaS and get the power of Earth observation insights into the hands of a range of users around the world.”

No-code earth observation software

Satellite data is increasingly being adopted by businesses, to look into all aspects of our ever-changing planet. 

Founded by Dr. Genevieve Patenaude, Iain Woodhouse and Sam Fleming, Earth Blox enables users to quickly turn Petabytes of raw EO data into clear, actionable insights without the barrier of how to code.

Typically, harnessing satellite imaging data requires technical coding capabilities, but Earth Blox’s platform offers access to Google Earth Engine’s petabytes of planetary-scale data with an easy-to-use ‘drag and drops’ interface.

The platform saves time by removing repetitive manual tasks and increases accuracy in your decision-making by harnessing global data sources at your fingertips. Companies across the energy, insurance, and environmental sectors, as well as some international NGOs, use Earth Blox to inform critical decision-making around climate and security risks, environmental degradation, and adaptation to climate change.

The company works with clients, including Shell Nature-Based Solutions, the United Nations, Globe Underwriting, and ADM Capital Foundation.


Founded in 1992, Archangels is a business angel syndicate investing in early-stage Scottish life sciences and technology companies. To date, the syndicate has 21 companies within the portfolio. 

Niki McKenzie, Joint Managing Director at Archangels, says, “Earth Blox is pioneering the way companies and organisations can access and use satellite data to make better business decisions about the world and how it’s changing.”

“Based in Scotland but with global ambitions, Earth Blox aligns perfectly with our aim of supporting Scotland’s best early-stage businesses with high growth potential. We look forward to supporting Genevieve and her team on this next step of the journey to further develop the product and open up new markets,” he adds. 

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