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Rosy, a healthtech platform nabs $2M to help women take control of their sex life

Image credits: Mindshift

The focus on women’s healthtech is increasing drastically in terms of both volume and popularity in recent times. Most importantly, these startups in the health and wellness sphere have proven to have made a difference in the lives of women. Currently, there are nearly 200 startups in this sector and a vast majority of these businesses are created and led by women.

One such startup that focuses on women’s sexual health and wellness is Rosy. In a recent development, it has raised a $2 million seed investment from Mindshift Capital, a global women-led VC fund. Notably, the VC fund has all-female investors to source deals with high-growth and exceptional businesses with scalable technology in the rapidly growing sectors. With the investment, Mindshift will support the expansion of Rosy and introduce the women’s sexual health and wellness platform to the UAE.

Rosy will use the investment to make key hires including a CTO, designers, and engineers. It will focus on product development including the launch of a digital cognitive behavioural therapy programme. It aims to grow its user base to 1 million via affiliate marketing, events, social campaigns, and strategic partnerships.

“Women’s healthtech is increasing at an astounding rate both in terms of volume and popularity. There are currently around 200 start-ups in this field, and 92% of these businesses are founded and led by women,” comments Heather Henyon, Founding Partner of Mindshift Capital. 

“Rosy is a prime example of a market-leading innovative platform which is providing women with access to a huge array of information, insight and expertise on vital women’s health and wellness issues, and its continued growth and expanding membership base is testament to the huge opportunity in this market.

“Our investment in Rosy is yet another example of Mindshift’s ability to take part in industry leading deals where the sector hotspots are — of which women’s healthtech is a glowing example. We do this through our unique global network and strong partnerships with sector experts,” added Marcia Dawood, Venture Partner at Mindshift Capital. 

Happy and healthy sex life

The US-based startup has been designed by doctors, as well as, psychologists focuses on 43% of women who face sexual issues and questions.

The first-of-its-kind platform for women offers a holistic approach to wellness and sexual health. It provides evidence-based interventions to enhance sexual function and connects women with coaches in real-time.

Rosy represents a new approach for women’s sexual health, which eradicates shame and isolation and provides credible and convenient interventions. The startup cares for women from all walks of life throughout all the stages. The discrete sexual wellness app can be installed on Android and iOS devices.

7-day free trial

Founded in 2018 by Lyndsey Harper, Rosy is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform with a freemium option. It provides users with a 7-day trial. Also, there is a premium option that charges users either on a monthly or six-monthly basis. Given its successful operations, Rosy has achieved an average of 42% growth in its quarterly sales. Furthermore, the conversion rate from freemium to premium subscription is 10% in 2021, which is much higher than the industry average of 1% to 4%.

How does it work?

Rosy takes its users to the next step on their sexual wellness journey. It offers educational videos that will provide answers to all questions of women. It leaves no topic uncovered. Also, there is expert advice on all topics. There are also self-help classes designed by doctors and psychologists. These classes offer actionable insights and evidence-based tools to help women thrive in their journey to sexual wellness. Also, there is a community to connect with thousands of women in a safe space wherein users can ask questions, share experiences, seek advice, and find support.

Talking about the classes, users can choose between personal or group coaching sessions. If a user chooses a group session, then the user can reserve a spot for the date, time, and topic that suits them best. On the other hand, a person can choose a personal session by choosing a coach, viewing their availability and booking the slot as per their convenience.

Lyndsey Harper, MD, Founder and CEO of Rosy, adds: “Our mission at Rosy is to empower women to take control of their sexual and overall health by providing an expert-created platform featuring proven interventions. 

“It’s a hugely important and rapidly growing area of focus in the health and wellness sphere, and we rely on science and proven expertise to make a real difference to women’s lives. Investments from world-leading funds such as Mindshift Capital are vital to our continued success and we are very excited to have them on board.”

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