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Proofs secures $2.6M to turbocharge proof-of-concepts with AI

Proofs founders
Picture credits: Proofs

Proofs, a startup with bases in San Francisco and Warsaw, has secured $2.6 million in pre-seed funding to transform the proof-of-concept stage in software sales. The funding round was spearheaded by Earlybird Digital East Fund, with additional backing from Expeditions Fund, Step Function Ventures, RTP Global, and several notable angel investors.

Accelerating proof-of-concept development with AI

Proofs is a pioneering platform that uses AI agents to build proof-of-concept apps and integrations, helping API-first companies close more customers faster and more efficiently. By transforming the go-to-market strategy of software-based businesses, Proofs enables companies to focus on serving all prospects without increasing resources. The company operates out of San Francisco and Warsaw, founded by seasoned Polish entrepreneurs Bartek Pucek and Zbigniew Sobiecki.

Proofs addresses a significant challenge for API-first companies: the lengthy and expensive process of developing proof-of-concept apps for prospective customers. Traditionally, this process can take weeks or even months and incur costs ranging from tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In contrast, Proofs’ AI agents can create these apps in minutes, reducing the cost to just a few hundred dollars. This innovation enables companies to serve more prospects and achieve better conversion rates without additional resources.

Bartek Pucek, cofounder and CEO of Proofs, highlighted the significance of their technology: “API-based companies spend millions of dollars each year on building proof-of-concept apps to convert their prospects. Still, 50-80% of all the leads churn in the pre-sales process. Engineering teams are overworked and understaffed, with limited resources, and it takes about six months for a new hire to bring value. API businesses simply don’t have the time and resources to build all the proof-of-concepts requested by prospects, so they end up leaving potential customers and money on the table.”  He continued, “Proofs not only solves this critical problem by lowering the costs by ten times, but in doing so, changes the entire business model of how products are built and sold by automating the process through AI and making it exponentially faster. The result is that our customers can expect to see much better conversion rates and a huge increase in their sales margins. We’re delighted to have such high-profile investors on our side during this early stage of growth to help us execute our vision.”

Transforming the software sales landscape

Proofs is transforming the go-to-market strategy for software-based businesses by enabling an efficient and scalable approach to proof-of-concept development. This shift from an hours-led to a results-based model aligns the goals of the company and its prospects, increasing the potential for conversion and revenue growth. The platform is already being used by major API businesses such as Salesforce, SAP, and Stripe, with the aim of significantly boosting their conversion rates.

Mehmet Atici, partner at Earlybird Digital East Fund, expressed confidence in Proofs’ potential: “We have seen a boom in software companies from Stripe to Twilio providing APIs to make their clients’ lives easier and more efficient. But no one has been building tools to make life easier for these API-first companies. Now, Proofs is tackling the biggest pain points faced by API-first companies in go-to-market by dramatically streamlining sales processes and integrations. We believe this solution has the potential to turn the way software is built and sold on its head, and we’re very excited to support Bartek, Zbigniew, and the team on their mission.”

Product launch and future plans

The funds raised will be directed towards product development, hiring new talent, and preparing for the go-to-market strategy with a focus on mid-market and enterprise customers in the US. The platform, which is launching in a closed private beta, aims to attract API-first companies looking to optimise their proof-of-concept development and increase customer conversions.

Proofs’ initial product offering will include AI-powered proof-of-concept apps and integrations designed to streamline key tasks, improve efficiency, and boost sales margins. Customers can sign up to a private onboarding waitlist to start using the platform.

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