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Ozmo, the high-rise window cleaning robot gets $6.5M funding as it rolls out to New York

Skyline Robotics' Ozmo

Skyline Robotics is disrupting the $40B window-cleaning industry with the world’s first high-rise window washing robot. The company has secured $6.5M in pre-series A funding as it prepares for the first customer deployment of Ozmo in New York City. This brings the total amount raised by Skyline to $9M.

Funding was led by Skyline Standard Holdings with contributions from Karcher New Venture GmbH, Gefen Capital and others.

“Karcher is pleased to continue to support Skyline Robotics on its mission to create a more efficient and safer work environment for window cleaning on a global scale,” said Patrick Nennewitz, of Karcher New Venture GmbH.

Robotics is taking on dangerous jobs

The subject of automation is always met with a common concern that robots will eventually take all the jobs. It is however correct to say that robots are meant to do the jobs that humans shouldn’t have been doing. Robotics tackles dirty, dangerous and dull jobs.

Jobs that place humans in harmful situations have prompted the application of robotics, to help prevent the loss of life. Robots are able to measure and detect variables beyond human perception. Current applications such as their use in bomb defusion, applications in astronomy and structure inspection demonstrate this utility.

They also help save a high degree of expertise, risk, and cost associated with manned labour. Robotics has also been applied in inspecting hard-to-access areas with advanced speed and manoeuvrability.

An insight on the window cleaning industry

Construction statistics have indicated a 176% increase in the development of buildings over 200 metres. This has consequently led to the growth of the window cleaning industry, which gathers annual revenues of $40B.

Hiring however has been an issue, with 74% of all window cleaners aged 40 and above. A mere 10% of the workforce is aged between 20 and 30 years old. This thus raises safety concerns for workers put in such precarious situations.

Disrupting the $40B window cleaning industry

The deep-tech robotics and automation company, Skyline Robotics, was founded in 2017 by Avi Abadi and Yaron Schwarcz and is based in Tel Aviv-yafo, Tel Aviv, Israel, with an office in New York.

Skyline Robotics is a disruptor of the $40B window cleaning industry, with Ozmo. The smart robot combines AI, machine learning and computer vision with advanced robotics and sensors to offer a smarter, faster, safer, and more economical alternative to human window washers.

Ozmo is quite efficient, as it can clean at least 6x faster than traditional window cleaners with continuous and consistent cleaning quality. Its advanced sensory technologies enable Ozmo to examine glass fragility and apply the optimal pressure for perfect window cleaning. It can always maintain stability, constantly rebalancing itself and employing its AI to calculate the best cleaning path.

Skyline designed Ozmo, respecting the fact that every building is different and might need case-specific maintenance. The incorporation of Lidar and prominent AI, ML & Computer Vision systems that have been tested and validated across many use cases makes Ozmo a game-changer of the window cleaning industry, with unmatched competency and flexibility.

Opposed to replacing human window washers, Skyline aims at creating a working partnership between humans and robots, as humans control Ozmo from a safe distance, away from potential harm.

Promoting from within as Ozmo rolls out

The funding will be used for a range of business operations including expanding Skyline’s New York City team, as well as continued product development and added capabilities to own the facade operations of the future.

On top of funding news and Ozmo’s deployment, Skyline Robotics has announced the promotion of Ross Blum to President of the Company. He will serve dual roles, working as COO as well.

“Being part of a company that continues to challenge antiquated operational strategies motivates us, drives us, and enhances our focus on the value we can provide to an entire industry,” remarked Ross Blum, President & COO of Skyline Robotics.

Skyline plans to automate all types of work at heights in the future, with Ozmo as the beginning. Ozmo’s first deployment shows that its demand is tangible and felt by investors, with a major business opportunity ahead of Skyline.

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