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London-based Praktika cements $32.5M to personalise language learning with AI-powered avatars

Praktika cements $32.5M to personalise language learning with AI-powered avatar tutors
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Praktika, a language learning app utilising AI-powered avatars for personalised learning experiences, has secured $32.5 million in Series A funding led by Blossom Capital. This investment fuels Praktika’s mission to disrupt the traditional language learning market, armed with a proven track record and a rapidly growing user base.

Earlier this month, we had also reported about the similar startup as Praktika. However, it is Italian edtech named Futura that scored €14M for its AI-powered virtual tutor.

The recent funding will be used to enhance the app experience, improve avatar accuracy, and introduce new languages like Spanish, French, and German. Additionally, Praktika plans to establish new development hubs in Eastern Europe and the UAE to challenge established players in the language learning market.

What is Praktika actually doing

Praktika leverages AI technology to create lifelike avatars that act as personal tutors, tailoring lessons to each user’s specific needs and learning style. This approach aims to replicate the personalised attention of a human tutor while offering the affordability and flexibility of a mobile app.

The interactive AI avatars can even adjust their accents to American, British, Asian, or Indian dialects, further personalising the learning experience. As users interact with their avatars, the lessons become even more tailored to their progress and learning style.

Founders with AI expertise lead the charge

Praktika’s founding team brings a wealth of experience in artificial intelligence (AI) to the table. Previously, they co-founded Cleverbots, a conversational AI platform used by major companies like Coca-Cola and AstraZeneca. Leveraging this expertise, they aim to address the growing global demand for advanced language skills.

A recent survey of US businesses highlights a projected increase in demand for multilingual employees over the next five years. The language learning market itself is experiencing significant growth, with the English language segment alone expected to reach $77.9 billion by 2030.

Praktika’s approach has garnered support from prominent figures. Adam Turaev, CEO and co-founder of Praktika, emphasised the app’s ability to overcome language barriers through personalised learning and authentic voice interaction. Legendary footballer Patrice Evra, an angel investor in Praktika, applauded the app’s cultural sensitivity and its potential to empower global language learning.

Ophelia Brown, Managing Partner at Blossom Capital, highlighted the fun and affordable nature of Praktika’s AI-powered learning experience. Sasha Kaletsky, Managing Partner at Creator Ventures, pointed to Praktika’s rapid user growth and the human element injected into the learning process through AI.

What we think about the startup

Praktika’s unique blend of AI technology and personalised learning positions the app as a potential game-changer in the language learning market. With a proven track record, enthusiastic users, and significant new funding, Praktika is poised to expand its global reach and revolutionise the way people learn languages. 

As the app introduces new languages and refines its AI capabilities, it will be interesting to see how Praktika continues to disrupt the traditional language learning landscape.

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