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Largest seed round in spacetech: E-Space takes off $50M to launch 100K sustainable satellites

Currently, Elon Musk‘s SpaceX and Amazon’s Blue Origin are making waves in the aerospace industry. Yet another company in the spacetech sector is E-Space, a sustainable satellite network that powers a new era of space-based applications.

Created by industry pioneer Greg Wyler, who previously founded both O3b Networks and OneWeb, E-Space is enabling a new generation of space-based communications capabilities.

Largest seed round in spacetech!

E-Space just closed the largest seed funding round in the spacetech sector so far with $50 million. The investment round was led by Prime Movers Lab. It surpassed the milestone acheived by Cardiff-based Space Forge that closed $10.2 million in the largest ever seed round in the European space tech sector.

The investment funds E-Space’s “Beta 1” launch of its first test satellites in March 2022 and its second “Beta 2” launch later this year. The mass production of these satellites is slated for 2023.

As per reports, Wyler has an aggressive plan to launch 100,000 satellites alongside the Rwandan government. Already, E-Space has all the formal licences that are needed to be able to deliver the service on multiple frequencies and acquired via the government of Rwanda. Notably, the Rwandan government was an investor in OneWeb, which is a stark rival of Elon Musk’s Starlink.

“One of the best ways to understand and manage Earth is from space,” said Greg Wyler, founder and chairman of E-Space. “We designed E-Space to democratise space, to enable the collection of continuous data about our planet with real-time information of sensors and devices across the world to combat climate change, and to upgrade our electric grids. Importantly, we’ve built sustainability into everything we do. We are designing our systems to not only prevent space debris generation, but to eventually actively reduce space debris so generations to come will be able to access the power of space.”

“Greg is an icon of space innovation with an unparalleled track record of pushing the industry forward by turning bold ideas into everyday reality,” said Anton Brevde, Partner at Prime Movers Lab and E-Space Board Member. “E-Space is uniquely built to bring the power of space to any business or government while actively reducing the existential threat of space debris. The company already has several advanced conversations with major customers and is poised to take satellite mesh networks mainstream.”

Sustainable satellite network

E-Space is building the most sustainable satellite network ever in history. The company puts sustainability at the forefront with a purposeful design that minimises and reduces debris and destruction while preserving access to space for future generations.

In a world where satellites are becoming space polluters caused by debris, the new E-Space systems focus on sustainability as they will capture and deorbit small debris in space while performing their function as communications satellites.

E-Space places sustainability at the heart of its architecture and builds on five key design tenets to make space safe. These include minimised satellite debris on collision, the satellites with the ability to capture and deorbit, and building satellites that fail into a high-drag configuration where they quickly deorbit. Also, these satellites must fully demise upon re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. Furthermore, small cross-sections make satellites much less vulnerable to collision and LEO constellations.

Peer-to-peer satellite communication

E-Space’s new generation of satellites make space affordable and accessible, enabling custom networks for companies and governments while providing unparalleled security and resiliency. The company’s novel peer-to-peer satellite communication model enables real-time command and control and global insights. It uses dedicated constellations to ensure sovereignty and eliminate exposure to foreign entities. Also, it uses a “Zero Trust” topology to protect data.

Similar to Amazon Web Services, which enabled a new generation of services across every industry built on near-infinite low-cost cloud infrastructure, E-Space will be a foundational platform that helps governments and large companies build space-based applications without much capital.

It will provide the world’s first federated systems that can dynamically extend satellite capacity for a multitude of applications, ranging from 5G, secure communications to managing remote infrastructure.

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