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Job hunt 2024: These are best unique fintech positions to apply for in the new year

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From digital-first challenger banks to canny robo-advisors and innovative personal finance tools, fintech’s fusing two of the biggest industries has created a lucrative and exciting pool of companies.

As the fintech industry has matured, the number of opportunities has grown and diversified too, and if you’re looking to land a job in fintech, you’re no longer restricted to the big, recognisable companies.

In fact, savvy job seekers are looking beyond the familiar and finding exciting options in places they may not have thought to look before. 

While mass layoffs within tech have shaken the industry, the reality is that as more and more companies embrace digital ecosystems and upgrade legacy technology, the demand for the right tech skills only grows.

Whether you’re keen to help a traditional company level up its technology game or eager to build something new and exciting from scratch at a startup, you can reap serious rewards by simply looking beyond the obvious fintech players – here are a few ideas.

Look for tech roles at non-tech companies 

Companies that weren’t traditionally known as technology companies, or weren’t digital-first, are quickly adapting and increasing the number of tech roles on their books.

At a recent Indeed Tech HR event at its London HQ, a representative from Glassdoor said, “Tech candidates should look to non-tech competitors who are also hiring for their skills. In non-trad tech, the money is better as companies are vying for the best talent.”

Non-tech companies are ramping up their tech hiring too. While traditional tech organisations reduced headcount and reported slowing growth, there’s set to be a 35% increase in tech recruitment in non-tech industries this year, and a 10% to 15% increase in salary growth over time in these industries, compared to technology-focused businesses.

Fintech startups are a good bet

Fintech funding in startups hit record lows in 2023, with investment in financial technology companies dropping globally by 36%. However, more mature startups are still drawing investor interest, and saw a 30% year-on-year increase in funding, proving that startups are still great places to look for fintech roles.

Often headed by seasoned fintech founders with a few companies under their belt, they can be better placed to get VC funding, are well positioned to embrace the most cutting-edge technology stack and can give the big-name fintech organisations a run for their money on the job market as they vie for the top talent.

B2B fintech roles for 2024

While B2C fintech products tend to be the ones grabbing headlines, B2B is looking more and more promising. 

In 2022, investment in B2B offerings such as enterprise software, insurance, and payments reached $18.5 billion, over $10 billion more than their B2C counterparts. 

B2B fintech is also considered to be more stable, as the industry is less susceptible to external influences like inflation, consumer trends, and interest rate hikes. 

These are industry-disrupting roles, and when looked through this lens it’s clear that fintech is only just getting started; rather than simply being the trending tech of the moment, it is fundamentally changing the way people access financial services. 

The data backs this up: while the sector currently holds just a 2% share of global financial services revenue, is estimated to reach $1.5 trillion in annual revenue by 2030, and is set to make up 25% of all banking valuations worldwide.

Curious about what’s out there? The Tech Funding News Jobs board has hundreds of opportunities at established and emerging financial companies across the UK, like the three below.

UK Crypto MLRO Manager, Paypal, London

Online payments platform Paypal is looking for somebody with a passion for the crypto, blockchain and Web3 space and deep knowledge of the UK regulatory environment to develop, implement, and manage its UK money laundering and terrorism financing policies and procedures. As UK Crypto MLRO Manager, you’ll work closely with PayPal’s blockchain, crypto, and digital currencies teams across the globe to make sure that PayPal’s financial crime controls are designed and operating as per UK regulatory requirements. Interested? Explore the role here

Risk Software Engineer, Goldman Sachs, Birmingham 

Founded in 1869, financial services company Goldman Sachs has offices in over 60 cities around the world and is looking for a Software Engineer to join the Risk Division team to help develop cutting-edge solutions to manage risk exposures and risk decisions. Strong programming experience and fluency with technologies like Scala, Java, Python, Spark, and Linux are required. Get all the details here.

Staff Software Engineer, Ripple, London

Enterprise crypto technology start-up Ripple is seeking an Experienced Software Engineer to help create the next generation of data infrastructure built for scale, resilience and reliability. You’ll need at least eight years’ of experience in software engineering, enjoy working with data and machine-learning models and have experience developing distributed systems and scalable data pipelines. Find out more here

Explore the Tech Funding News Job Board to find your next career move.

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