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Blockchain-based gaming studio MYSTiC GAMES scores $1.3M to develop Web3-integrated mobile games


MYSTiC GAMES, a Stockholm-based blockchain gaming development studio, has raised $1.3 million in a Seed funding round led by San Francisco-based early-stage global venture firm Shima Capital (also backed Gunzilla Games)

Additional investors included SevenX Ventures, MEXC, TA Ventures, and Mainstreet DAO, with Joe Mahon taking part as an angel investor. 

The Swedish company will use the funds to develop its upcoming mobile title, Call of the VoYd, grow its community, and build its community-owned structure.

Call of the VoYd, a fast-paced Roguelike Royale game where players can play with friends, own collectibles, and win prizes.

Blockchain gaming studio

Led by Matthew Buxton, MYSTiC GAMES is a blockchain gaming development studio creating Web3-integrated mobile games featuring free-to-own NFTs earned organically through gameplay.

The platform is player-first, player friendly, and soon-to-be player-owned through a DAO (Decentralised Autocratic Organisation) structure.

The studio has set out to disrupt the status quo of Web3 games that typically require heavy investment into paid-for NFTs to drive the gameplay journey.

Matthew Buxton, CEO & Co-Founder of MYSTiC GAMES, said: “The current Web3 space is filled with a huge array of projects, but nowhere near as many players. Our goal is to deliver experiences to native, new, and potential Web3 players that are both accessible and enjoyable. We want to embrace Web3’s mission of truly democratising digital ownership and giving our players assets that hold value in the real world. This investment allows us to take huge steps towards achieving that.”

“Both Shima Capital and 32-Bit Ventures delivered great knowledge of the games industry, connecting us with some amazing investors. We were delighted to have them acting as our advisors for this seed round,” adds Buxton. 

Yida Gao, Founder & Managing General Partner of Shima Capital, said “We do not doubt that Matthew and the entire MYSTiC GAMES team are poised for great success. The gameplay in Call of the VoYd is what first caught our attention, and we were further hooked by their data-driven approach to launching the game. We’re thrilled to be working with such a seasoned gaming team to bring Web3 gaming into the mainstream.”

Jason Perkins, General Partner of 32-Bit Ventures, said: “We’ve been extremely impressed with MYSTiC GAMES from day one. They have a fantastic experience, understanding how to build games that people want to play, and where they want to play them. We couldn’t be more excited to support their vision for Call of the VoYd, and to compete alongside the community in the games’ first season for VoYd Hearts, including exclusive NFTs, and the treasure chest of tokens at the bottom of the VoYd.”

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