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Irish edtech zick learn scores €500K to revolutionise employee training process

zick learn founder
Picture credits: zick learn

Traditional corporate training methods, such as slideshows and online seminars, have become a source of frustration among modern employees. This is where Irish edtech startup zick learn comes into the picture with its e-learning approaches. It comes at a time when the European e-learning market is reportedly valued at over €60 billion in 2022 and is projected to almost double by 2028.  

Leveraging spaced learning and micro-learning approaches to deliver simple and effective lessons to modern workforces, zick learn allows companies to deliver training through the corporate chat clients, applications, and platforms that employees are already using. Notably, microlearning improves focus and long-term retention by up to 80%. 

Scores funding to accelerate growth

Now, zick learn has scored €500K in funding in a round led by renowned Italian edtech investment firm Zanichelli Venture (which backed Mindstone), and backed by a number of angel investors. The investment will be used to increase its headcount and accelerate growth throughout Ireland, the UK and across Europe. 

This funding will see zick learn double its workforce in Ireland and increase its global headcount by 50%. It will also enable zick learn to further develop its product offering, and extend its reach to new platforms. Today’s announcement will expedite integration into several new platforms, including Google Chat and Instagram, ensuring learning is just one text away.

zick learn’s CEO and Co-founder, Matteo Penzo, said: “This is a hugely exciting time for all of us here at zick learn. We believe that the traditional elearning system is broken, and that learning is never a one-size-fits-all activity. This is particularly the case in the modern world, with workforces made up of multi-generational age groups, such as Baby Boomers and Generation Z. Our ambition is to empower people with knowledge and to further the message that the future of corporate training is just one text away. Through this funding, we plan to expand our capabilities and propel zick learn to the forefront of the elearning market here in Ireland and indeed across Europe.”

Speaking about the investment in zick learn, Enrico Poli, Director of Zanichelli Venture added: “We are delighted to be able to join zick learn on this journey. Current, concise and convenient, the technology is unique in its ability to reach a diverse audience, ensuring that learning is just one text away. The last couple of years have been really interesting, with so much innovation in the edtech and digital learning space. zick learn is doing something entirely new and we see great potential in its drive to shake up the approach to corporate learning and development.”

Revolutionises employee training process

zick learn was founded in 2021, by Matteo Penzo, Andrea Goggi, and Pietro Stracquadanio, as a direct response to the inadequacies of traditional e-learning methods. Headquartered in Dublin, the company has offices in London, England, and employs 10 people globally.

It is an innovative text-based microlearning platform that aims to revolutionise the training process for companies and their staff. It delivers lessons to their mobiles through platforms such as WhatsApp and Slack and can be integrated into existing IT structures to help transform corporate training, and empower education for deskless workers.

Its mission is to transform tiresome work training processes, making enterprise learning fast, simple and efficient, and enabling users to frictionlessly engage with corporate training in their flow of work.

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