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London edtech Mindstone raises £1.45M via crowdfunding for its Spotify-like learning model

Image credit: Mindstone

An edtech platform from London, Mindstone rethinks online education, thereby helping people learn at a faster rate and remember more. In a recent development, the edtech company just raised £1.45 million via a crowdfunding campaign that was launched last month to provide supporters the opportunity to invest in the future of learning. Notably, this is the largest edtech crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs to date.

The funds came from Mattias Ljungman, the founder of Moonfire Ventures, who wants the edtech company to join Klarna, Peakon, Viagogo, and ClimateCorp, the unicorns he funded at the initial stages. Also, the campaign involved investment from Eamonn Carey – Techstars managing director, Zanichelli Venture, US VC Scout Fund, and Andrew Gault, 7percent Ventures’ founding partner.

With this crowdfunding campaign, Mindstone has raised £1.6 million. While it is already available on Android, iOS and desktop, the campaign will let the company focus more on mobile, research and development, recruitment, and commercial partnerships.

Spotify-like learning model

Founded in 2020, the edtech platform Mindstone is the brainchild of Joshua Wohle, who serves as its CEO. Prior to this, he founded SuperAwesome, an online child safety startup, which was acquired by Epic Games last year. Deploying the science of learning, the edtech platform lets allows experts from various fields to create engaging courses. These courses are built based on the best-in-class pre-existing podcasts, online articles, and videos, thereby helping people who take up these courses learn at a faster pace and remember more. The platform has topics ranging from Astrophysics to Zoology. It makes building courses as similar as curating a Spotify playlist.

Already, many well-known organisations and individuals use the Mindstone edtech platform to create courses. These include Landscape VC (How To Raise Funding For Your Startup), The Bitcoin Association (Bitcoin Basics), Flown (How To Do Deep Work), The Body Collective (Women’s Health: How To Live Your Best Life After 40), and Radix (An Overview of Radix DLT).

Besides them, numerous online influencers have also contributed to the platform’s courses including “studytuber” Unjaded Jade (How to Self Study), Jack Edwards, a travel, lifestyle, and literature blogger (How To Be A Better Reader), Eleanor Neale (How to Research a True Crime Case), and Vix Meldrew (How to Build Your Personal Brand on Instagram).

Partnership with HBR

Recently, Mindstone signed a commercial partnership with Harvard Business Review (HBR), which is one of the most widely-respected publishers in the world. It is one of the first media companies that will work with the UK edtech. It is believed that the innovative tools of Mindstone will add another layer of functionality to the users of HBR’s website.

Helps reach goals

The Mindstone platform will automatically create the best learning pathways and help users reach their learning goals. Also, it will insert elements of discovery that will bring joy into learning. Similar to how Google has organised the information accessible on the internet, the company develops people’s interests, career and skills with the science of learning.

Basically, the company aims to provide unlimited access to information, as well as, resources to everyone in the world irrespective of their location. Its tools can provide the necessary confidence and motivation that users will take ownership of their learning. Ultimately, it wants to accelerate the structured learning process and will keep track of what users have learned and when they have learned and help apply their learnings effectively.

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