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InHaus receives £300K to help fashion retailers create impactful product videos

InHaus founders
Image credits: InHaus

London-based fashion tech brand InHaus uses technology and automation to help fashion retailers create high-quality product videos. Now, the company has received £300K in funding Solid Bond Capital following an introduction through the Exchange programme which supports early-stage tech businesses.

Growth plans

The investment will support team growth, commercialise its software, and simplify the process of video creation for brands. The new investment will allow the team to hire more programmers, including an expert from Berlin who is making the move to the UK to join the company, to further sophisticate and develop the editing programme to finesse product videos.

Isabella Sumner, founder of InHaus, said: “By enabling online retailers to easily create product videos for all their items, we can support them in boosting sales and customer satisfaction. Fashion items tend to only have photos featured on the page, but video is much more persuasive. With our recent funding success, we are excited to increase access to quality product video creation so more retailers, both large and small, can enjoy the benefits it brings.”

Shaz Sulaman, founder of Solid Bond Capital, said: “We are pleased to be able to back the team at InHaus as part of this funding round. High-quality video production, at scale, is a significant challenge for retailers and the product the InHaus team is building will help retailers increase conversions, reduce returns, and provide a better experience for consumers. The team at Solid Bond Capital were impressed with how fit for purpose the product is for retailers which clearly comes from the founder’s deep sector expertise. We look forward to continuing to support the founders as they venture to make product videos standard with the fashion industry.”

Alice Pickersgill, community outreach lead at Exchange, said: “Isabella and Till’s vision is dynamic and forward-thinking, and we can’t wait to see where this new funding takes them over the next six months of membership on the programme.”

Helps create impactful product videos

InHaus was founded by stylist, Isabella Sumner, and international fashion photographer, Till Janz, in 2020 in London. They created the company to bridge the gap in the market by offering a simple way for retailers to make impactful product videos. Currently, only 15% of products globally have a video, despite these increasing conversion rates and minimising returns.

InHaus’ software provides a low-cost solution, which removes many of the complexities of video creation for retailers, who will take their own videos of products using smartphones and then upload the raw footage to an automised, cloud-based editing programme.

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