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Indoor Tiltbike that mimics real-life cycling nets £2.4M in funding

Muoverti's TiltBikes

Pioneer of indoor cycling behind the innovative TiltBikes, Muoverti, recently passed another £1M funding milestone from investors, taking the total raised by the London-based sports tech startup to more than £2.4M.

This follows the public unveiling of the TiltBikes pre-production prototype at London’s Rouleur Live event in November 2021 which sparked a high interest from the media, consumers and investors. The latest capital injection builds on previous funding from investors and a convertible loan by the government’s FutureFund taking the amount raised by Muoverti to date to £2.4M.

“Last month, we crossed the £2.4M mark raised since inception, of which £1M was raised in just 3 months after publicly presenting the project for the first time back in November last year. We’re now in the enviable position of having an incredible group of investors who are also networked and passionate cyclists, ready to support us in more ways than one. This puts us in a strong position to achieve upcoming product milestones, move closer towards production and recruit the talent that will bring TiltBikes to life.” said Christoph Wilfert, Muoverti CEO and Co-Founder, in response to this news.

Recent growth in indoor exercise

Indoor exercise has experienced rapid growth in recent years, especially with tech advancements in virtual classes, fitness tracking and gamification of exercise, just to mention a few. The covid-19 pandemic helped lead an indoor exercise revolution which also fuelled innovation in the space and tech adoption.

Indoor cycling was a big feature, playing a benchmark role in defining the indoor exercise market. Innovation sparked the industry and bikes got ever more sophisticated, with added sensors, improved materials and integrated gadgets to support coaching, increase interaction and relay health data, among other functions.

Redefining indoor cycling and exercise

TiltBikes are designed for riders in search of a realistic indoor cycling experience and effective exercise with uses ranging from general fitness to intensive training and E-Sports. The bikes enable riders to balance and steer, accelerate, brake and engage the entire body to simulate outdoors riding, indoors.

Muoverti TiltBikes are designed to offer a real cycling feeling, with balancing and steering. This can enable a rider to preserve the body’s natural fluidity in an aesthetically pleasing way, engaging core muscles and promoting balancing reflexes.

Tiltbike also brags immersive experiences, with the capability of simulating rolling resistance, incline, weight, acceleration, deceleration and inertia. Muoverti’s Tiltbike’s algorithm updates a thousand times per second, enabling real-time simulations such as drafting, angular wind speed and rolling resistance.

The bikes are also personalized to their user’s motion and habits. Data sensors Tiltbikes capture rider motions such as left-right balance and seated vs standing position as well as common cycling metrics such as power and cadence. Gear shifts are also programmable to match gear ratios, number of speeds, cassettes and groupsets from leading bike manufacturers. Users can also customise parts such as handlebars, cranks, pedals and saddles with their preferred ones.

Thanks to built-in joystick controls, Muoverti’s Tiltbikes can be used as controllers for gaming consoles, assisting the exploration of open world and free roam interactive games and E-Sports platforms.

Muoverti and its plan for Tiltbike

The London-based startup was founded by entrepreneurs Christoph Wilfert and Alex Caccia, also the original founder of the WaterRower. Muoverti – Italian for ‘keep moving’ – is a pioneering indoor cycling venture, which enables all athletes to train with enthusiasm and commitment.

In an effort to scale up operations, Muoverti recently moved to new facilities in Wandsworth to further its R&D and rider testing programmes as well as become home to the fast-growing team.

Muoverti has announced plans for further investment this May. Keep close!

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