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HRtech founded by three young Belgian entrepreneurs, scores €10M for its employee skill mapping AI platform


Belgium-based AI technology startup, TechWolf, which claims to be building the world’s foremost platform for large companies to leverage their workforce’s skills, has raised €10 million in Series A funding. The round was led by Stride.VC, with participation from Fortino Capital, Acadian Ventures, PMV and existing investors. 

According to the company press release, the HRtech startup will use the funds to execute its ambitious go-to-market strategy, ramp up international expansion and continue investing heavily in R&D.

Founded in 2018 by Andreas De Neve, Jeroen Van Hautte and Mikaël Wornoo and based in Ghent, Belgium, TechWolf addresses a widespread challenge for large enterprises: a lack of insight into the skills across their workforce, which leads to poor talent management and limited ability to execute on business transformations.

“TechWolf’s mission is to put people in a position to develop and do the most with their talent. By supplying employees and leadership teams with real-time skills insights, TechWolf facilitates career development and internal mobility. It elevates the HR function from day-to-day operations to a more proactive and strategic role in the business,” says Andreas De Neve, CEO of TechWolf.

To date, the company has applied their technology to automatically map the skills of more than two million people across a number of global enterprises, including bp and GE Healthcare. 

Mikaël Wornoo, COO of TechWolf: “This switch from highly manual, labour-intensive processes means organisations can swiftly obtain skills data, enabling them to future-proof the skillset of their employees.”

To infer the skills of employees within organisations, TechWolf’s platform integrates with Microsoft Teams, Sharepoint, Confluence and other systems where employees perform work, and it connects with HCM systems, Talent Marketplaces and LXP platforms to streamline the company’s entire skills infrastructure. 

“We deliberately built an API-first solution, focusing on building a data infrastructure layer for skills-based organisations through Artificial Intelligence,” says TechWolf’s CTO Jeroen Van Hautte. “Our engineering team actively contributes to the AI research community, including published research with Cambridge University.” 

“The world of work is shifting rapidly and skills have become the unit of work in forward-looking organisations. We believe that the TechWolf team has built a best-in-class platform that empowers enterprises to better leverage skills in their organisation.” says Cleo Sham, partner at Stride.VC.

By the end of 2024, TechWolf wants to be the global leader in Skills Intelligence software and extend its solution to 100 million workers. TechWolf plans to hire another 25 people across all departments by the end of the year, growing the team from 25 to 50 employees.

TechWolf clients include bp, GE Healthcare, and other global Fortune 500 companies. As the market for skills is booming, TechWolf’s solution holds a unique position as the connective layer between platforms, databases and tools that make up the skills ecosystem. 

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