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Why Google pumped in $7M in this female-founded AI legal tech startup from Germany

Legal OS
Image credits: Legal OS

Legal teams are spending more than ever on software solutions to increase efficiency, scale their work, and gain a competitive edge. However, it is unreasonable to expect lawyers to learn to code. They can send emails, file documents, or generate an HR chatbot with no-code legal automation platforms.

One such startup from Berlin, Legal OS — empowers lawyers, legal teams, and law firms to build and release legal services as software products in hours. While a wave of automation is already redefining entire industries, Legal OS is leading this no-code transformation in the legal sector.

$7 million investment

The company has now secured $7 million funding co-led by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture fund, and 10x alongside participation from existing investors HV Ventures and SpeedInvest.

Legal OS plans to use this new capital to expand globally. This funding has come on the heels of a banner year for the company.

Aggressive expansion plans for the UK

Responding to TFN in an exclusive questionnaire, Jake Jones, the co-founder of Legal OS spilled the beans on some interesting developments. On asking about their expansion plans, he stated, “So far our sales outside the DACH region have been inbound and opportunistic. Our next focus area is the UK. The legal tech landscape is much more developed in the UK, with impressive progress already made within the UK market by legal automation software in the last two years. Consequently, this market is becoming more educated and users are beginning to see the value automation can bring. We’re excited to deepen our engagement within the UK market.”

Why did Google invest?

Regarding the investment, Jones said, “Gradient Ventures–Google’s AI-focused fund—supports early-stage AI products and products with significant AI potential. Our product is unique in that we enable legal expertise to be digitised via our no-code platform. With this technology, we have built—and continue to expand—a library of machine-readable, structured legal expertise (including documents, laws, and regulations). There is, therefore, a great opportunity for our product to learn to structure unstructured information, such as legal documents. We’re excited to work alongside Gradient Ventures to realise some of this enormous automation opportunity.”

“We’re excited to partner with the Legal OS team as they build world-class automation tools for legal teams,” said Darian Shirazi, General Partner at Gradient Ventures. “Legal documents mostly contain generally accepted provisions and in the future, Legal OS will allow legal teams to skip over settled law and focus on deal points that really matter to

“It’s rare to find a team in LegalTech that mixes passion with expertise. The team at Legal OS not only has the technical capabilities to redefine the legal industry, they also have a genuine desire to streamline legal services.” said Andreas Etten, Partner at 10x. “We look forward to supporting Lilian and her team as they build a globally-respected company.”

Legal OS has built the world’s first library of structured legal expertise, which enables the automation of complex tasks for legal teams. Its no-code platform enables legal teams to rapidly develop applications to automate documents and processes, and accelerate time to deal closure.

The platform uses a machine-readable library of legal expertise, including documents, laws, and regulations. Being an open-source platform, Legal OS lets users customise the automation platform to suit their needs. Clients can brand it the way they want, add features and attach knowledge graphs to entirely a custom interface with its well-documented and intuitive API.

Legal OS introduced a suite of automation tools to allow legal teams to automate the generation of their own templates but specific to the deal of the moment. The company intends to create a world in which legal professionals without engineering experience or capabilities can model complex rules, automate tasks, and generate documents in minutes rather than days. This will allow legal teams to focus on complex problems rather than being mired in repetitive copy and paste tasks.

Legal OS was founded in 2018 by Lilian Breidenbach, Charlotte Kufus, and Jake Jones. Talking about the founding team, Jones stated, “Both Lilian and Charlotte are Berlin natives. I was born in the UK, in a town north of London. The three of us connected in London in 2016 over a shared interest in entrepreneurship, systems change, and new work.”

Global clientele

The Legal OS platform is used by market-leading law firms and corporations in the DACH region, the UK, and Canada. Legal OS wants to enable corporations to embed legal expertise into their existing technology stack, providing legal services that are effortless, invisible, and delivered in real-time.

In his statement, Jones added, “At our clients, we found entire teams worked with our product in varying ways. Typically, the more junior lawyers model expertise and document schemata with our no-code tool, while partners leverage our simple, intuitive builder frontend to automate documents and processes. Three of the customers who we have worked closely with in the last 12 months and who have seen significant value through our product are BMH Braütigam, YPOG, Alstrom, and PXR.”

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