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HRtech Circular snaps $10M to transform tech talent recruitment, enters London

Image credits: Circular

A Madrid-based talent sharing platform Circular has announced its expansion into the UK. Also, it has secured $10 million in funding to revolutionise recruitment in the tech industry.

$10M funding

With the investment, the company has emerged from stealth mode after spending two years building its innovative blueprint for an all-new technical recruitment model. The investment round in Circular was led by VCs across Europe including LocalGlobe that invested in UK insurtech Boxy and Laka, Point Nine, Kibo Ventures, All Iron Ventures, Quentin Nickmans, Kima and Shilling.

The proceeds of this round will be used to pave the way for the future of in-house tech recruitment within the Circular network. It will also offer a new recruitment model amidst the global tech talent shortage.

It aims to use the investment to spearhead expansion within Europe beyond London, Madrid, and Barcelona. It will change the way in-house tech recruiters hire in these regions. The company aims to help find talent amidst the ongoing tech talent shortage, which is predicted to surpass 85 million unfilled jobs by 2030.

Emma Phillips, Investment Partner at LocalGlobe said, “Upon its London launch today, Circular brings a truly innovative model to the recruitment sector. At LocalGlobe, we are huge believers in the power of community and the effects of recommendations and see huge potential when applied to recruitment which is why we’re excited to be supporting Circular on the next phase of its journey.”

Circular launches in London

The network for hiring tech talent recommended by in-house recruiters has been launched in London today. It is now open to in-house recruiters in the city and offers them a groundbreaking new way to hire candidates already vetted and recommended by their peers.

With its launch in London, the network has a raft of great hiring companies on-board such as Nested, Dow Jones and FORM3.

Pedro Torrecillas, CEO and Co-Founder of Circular, said: “We’re excited to announce our launch in London today as we build out a global network for sourcing technical talent. Our offering paves the way for an entirely new recruitment model – we believe in recommendation-driven recruitment that supports both in-house recruiters and tech candidates as they travel along their recruitment journey.”

Teo Ruiz, CTO, CPO and Co-Founder of Circular added: “The backdrop of the tech talent shortage means that many in-house recruiters are currently struggling to find the best talent. Now they can pool their efforts to help maintain a recommended flow of talent across the entire industry. Our network harnesses the power of trusted peer recommendations to create a faster and more effective way to find the best people.”

Paula Gomez, Talent Partner at FORM3 which uses the Circular network to hire tech talent said, “Since joining the Circular network, we’ve been able to connect with great potential candidates and build up a strong talent network. It’s been such a straightforward process and has massively helped us as a recruitment team to reduce our efforts, saving us time in the often lengthy search for strong candidates.”

Transforms recruitment process

Founded by Pedro Torrecillas and Teo Ruiz in 2018 in Madrid, Circular is designed specifically for in-house recruiters within fast-growing tech companies. The go-to recruitment network for finding talent trusted by peers helps in-house recruiters hire up to 10x faster. It is done by harnessing a network of 6,000 like-minded peers.

Circular provides every candidate with a guaranteed first-class job-seeking experience and supports everyone ranging from graduates, boot-campers and seasoned developers. A candidate needs to get started with a recommendation to get on the fast track to getting hired.

To get hired at a faster rate, candidates have to create their profile in less than three minutes, find relevant interview requests with the help of Talent Advocate assigned to them within the network, choose the jobs they like, and get into companies that provide first-class candidate experience.

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