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UK’s AI recruitment startup hackajob enters US to help companies hire talent without bias

Image credits: hackajob

hackajob, a London-based tech recruitment platform, announced on Monday that it has expanded its presence in the US to help companies hire, and engage with candidates.

The UK company set its foot in the US to capitalise on the growing tech talent gap which has become even more urgent following the pandemic. 

CEO and co-founder of hackajob Mark Chaffey says, “We’re incredibly excited to expand our platform to the U.S market, tech talent has never been in greater demand in what is now an increasingly fluid tech ecosystem. As we continue to grow, our mission is the same: we want to banish bias from the hiring process. The U.S is home to the world’s biggest tech giants and as the tech talent gap continues to widen, we aim to help companies meet demand by matching them to the right candidates with the best skills, our custom-built AI-powered platform does this with ease, ensuring that the experience for both employees and employers is as smooth as possible.”

According to research from CompTIA, there are 178,000 new tech jobs projected for 2022 in the US alone. However, more than two-thirds (69%) of US digital leaders are unable to keep up with demand due to a lack of talent. Candidates on the hackajob platform range from software engineers to cloud specialists and data scientists.

Data-driven recruitment platform

hackajob was born out of the frustration with the traditional recruitment agency approach and the difficulty of hiring top engineers. 

Founded by Mark Chaffey and Razvan Creanga, hackajob aims to eliminate the bias associated with traditional recruitment techniques to help find tech talent based on their skills rather than backgrounds. 

The platform is designed with a candidate-first approach where tech professionals can participate in online challenges, join online events and stay up-to-date with the latest industry news. 

When they’re ready to explore their next role, they complete a job-fit questionnaire and if they pass the screening criteria, become visible in hackajob’s private marketplace for 4 weeks.

During this time, companies pitch them on potential opportunities, with all information including salary and tech stack shown up-front. 

In the UK, the company works with 1,500+ companies including Roku, Capgemini, and The Financial Times helping them to reduce their time to hire, engage with candidates and hire unbiasedly.

Since launching in 2015 hackajob now has two offices in London and in Romania with 105 employees that are split across both sites.

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