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Goboony: Dutch ‘Airbnb of motorhomes’ lends campervan without hassle of ownership, grabs €6M funding

Image credits: Goboony

In recent years, there has been a strong spike in the ownership of motorhomes across Europe. Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak, these motorhomes are socially distanced by design and are great to travel safely.

Realising the huge demand for motorhomes and helping people travel outdoors, Goboony, a Netherlands-based platform was launched in 2015.

Now, Goboony, has secured €6 million funding in a round led by Dutch VC No Such Ventures. With this, the total investment raised by the company accounts for €10 million.

The Dutch motorhome rental platform will use the investment to support its business and focus on international expansion. Also, it eyes to cement its position as the top motorhome sharing platform in Europe. Goboony expects to provide the largest European fleet in early 2022. It also wants to expand its portfolio of products and services for its users.

Airbnb of motorhomes

Goboony was founded by Mark de Vos and Foppe Mijnlieff in 2015 to focus on campervan and motorhome communities. The company lets camper owners earn what they spent to buy and maintain these vehicles. Travellers can just rent these vehicles by connecting with their owners.

Inspired by Airbnb, Goboony aims to let everyone experience the freedom of a motorhome holiday. Being the largest European camper community, the platform has over 5,000 vehicles in its fleet and has already let over 100,000 people experience motorhome holidays. As of now, it operates in the Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Italy, Germany and France.

Also, the platform is all set to launch a new range of products such as insurance policies in all regions.

Grows with staycation trend in the UK

While there were strict travel restrictions in 2020, there was a massive boom in the staycation market in the UK and other regions. The same trend continues this year as well. During the pandemic, people are craving for a change in their environment and seek to go outdoors and reconnect and enjoy the health benefits, both physical and mental.

Apparently, the Goboony business witnessed triple-digit supply growth of nearly 236%. Its platform is a community that lets motorhome enthusiasts, both owners and travellers, connect and share their interest to go on an adventure on the road.

Offers insurance protection

Insurtech firm Cover Genius is a global insurance partner for Goboony and it lets users rent a motorhome with the Carefree insurance option. This option is available for commuters before and after booking a motorhome or camper van on Goboony.

It is a deposit of excess insurance of £150 that will cover them in case of any damage to the vehicle. All travellers will have this option and it can be activated up to 24 hours before the trip. They need to pay the deposit and the per-day fee for this policy. In case of damage, they ned to upload the necessary documents and send these to Carefree Travel. Doing so, Goboony will send the £150 deposit.

Notably, Goboony deposit amount will be set based on the value of the vehicle. If the vehicle costs less than £10,000, then the excess deposit will be £1000. Likewise, if the vehicle costs between £30,000 and £65,000, then the excess deposit will be £2000.

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