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French startup Harvy snaps €1M to transform the way farmers sell their produce

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Harvy, a Paris-based agri-tech startup, has announced a €1 million pre-seed funding round. High-profile VC firms, family offices, and angel investors participated in the funding round. These include Antler, the world’s most active private early-stage VC firm that invested in Cedar and Getplace, Tivoli Capital, and the family office FBFC. A number of prominent angel investors from the tech, real estate, and agriculture industries also supported the round. 

The funding will be used to develop key tech features for the online platform that helps farmers increase their margins while selling products. It will also allow Harvy to make a number of strategic hires to build the team. 

How was the idea born?

The founders of Harvy first met during an Antler residency in Paris in 2023. The French founders, who are both in their 20s, are serial entrepreneurs with direct experience working in agriculture. 

Louis Debusschere grew up on a farm before holding several sales and marketing roles for global corporates. James Terrien previously co-founded a B2C marketplace to connect farmers with their clients. 

Disrupts local product delivery 

The Harvy platform allows farmers to sell their products online without relying on intermediaries. This model allows farmers to reach new clients and increase their profit margins. 

Reportedly, intermediaries make nearly 20 times what a farmer earns by controlling the distribution and logistics of agricultural produce. This is where the Harvy platform comes to the rescue of farmers. It offers a new decentralised local food distribution system that is owned by farmers. This will have a particular impact in countries across Europe where agricultural distribution relies on intermediaries. 

Louis Debusschere, co-founder of Harvy, said, “Having grown up on a farm, I have seen the unfair balance of power between farmers and intermediaries. Harvy is designed to level the playing field and give hardworking farmers the margins and profits they deserve for their products. This is good news for the domestic agricultural industry in France and across Europe, and good news for the environment as it will streamline deliveries.” 

Antoine Poirson, Partner at Antler, commented, “Harvy is addressing an imbalance in farming distribution that is having a negative impact on the profits and revenues of farmers. By addressing this challenge, they are building technology that will transform an industry that is vital to society, the economy, and environment. This is a world-class founding team with the commitment and ambition to create a world-class business and solve one of the most pressing issues of our food supply chain. We are delighted to have supported Harvy from day zero and have every confidence in their future success.”

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