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Finnish HRtech Jobilla snags €8.25M to fix candidate recruitment issues with AI

Image credits: Jobilla

Finding good employees is always one of the biggest challenges. Be it developers, sales managers, or customer service staff, the recruitment process involves hardships. Either there will be no good applicants or a huge number of unqualified applicants, thereby taking days trying to find the best ones for the job. Despite the challenges, several companies are working in the recruitment sector and the evidence for the same are gigl and Alva Labs.

This is where Finnish talent acquisition startup Jobilla, a free, modern and candidate-focused recruitment tool comes into the picture. It makes it easy for recruiters, candidates, and employers by helping them find the best match.

€8.25M investment

Jobilla just raised €8.25 million ($92.3 million) funding in a round led by venture capital investors Juuri Partners and Trind VC. The funding round consists of €7 million equity funding with the rest coming from Business Finland loans and grants.

This investment round comes a year after the seed funding round, after which the company’s revenue grew by 150%. Jobilla intends to use the financing to expand its operations, especially in the German and US markets. In the US, its clients include companies such as Pfizer and Arkansas Surgical Hospital. In Germany, its serves clients such as the German Red Cross.

“We are currently growing exponentially in every market our solution is available in. With the help of our investors, we can accelerate that growth even further by developing partnerships with key players in different markets that can offer our solution in the respective market,” said Henri Nordström, CEO and co-founder of Jobilla.

“We told Jobilla to come and talk to us when they hit four million euros in revenue. After a few months, they called us: “we hit that target already”. That convinced us, in addition to an energetic and professionally oriented team. The growth potential in the recruiting market is almost endless, which makes this industry very compelling. We are there to help companies grow globally,” said Eetu Blomqvist, CTO of Juuri Partners.

“When Jobilla promised us more candidates, I was at first a bit skeptical. However, we were positively surprised by the great results. We were able to get more applicants than by using the old methods. This encouraged us to start using Jobilla in all of the recruitments we do,” explained Johanna Nykänen, recruiting manager at Esperi Care, one of the largest elderly care housing providers in Finland.

AI-powered candidate filtering

Founded in 2015 by Henri Nordström and Tommi Siro in Finland, Jobilla uses AI-powered candidate filtering, a mobile-supported funnel, and top marketing strategies. This combination ensures that the best candidates see the job opportunities, irrespective of their employment status.

It analyses up to 35 different metrics from the recruitment funnel to pick up the best match. Jobilla wants to remove obstacles from the candidate’s path one click at a time. In 2021, Jobilla was awarded as the best recruitment marketing platform by G2, one of the world’s largest review sites.

The Jobilla team offers modern recruitment marketing services to connect jobs with the best candidates. For now, the company operates in the US, Scandinavia, and Central Europe.

What does Jobilla do?

It offers a recruitment software that is designed from the candidates’ point of view. It intends to create an optimal experience for them when applying for a job or understand better about the employer. The platform has been designed with recruiters also in mind and helps manage all processes smoothly and save both time and money.

The free-to-use platform nelos teams find the best candidates. The team also offers modern recruitment marketing services to solve problems involved in the process. Jobilla disrupts the recruitment process focusing on each step of candidate experience.

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