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Fingerprint nets $33M to accelerate device intelligence platform preventing fraud

Fingerprint Team
Picture credits: Fingerprint

Chicago-headquartered Fingerprint, which provides a device intelligence API has received $33 million in Series C funding. The round was led by Nexus Venture Partners with participation from Uncorrelated Ventures known for its investments in Buckzy Payments, LeapXpert, and elba. With this investment, the total funding raised by Fingerprint accounts for $77 million. 

The fresh funding will enable Fingerprint to accelerate adoption within larger Enterprise customers, which have been a critical driver of the company’s recent growth. The company aims to build new tools and capabilities to tackle the most complex challenges in device identification.

Accurate device intelligence platform

Founded by Dan Pinto and Valentin Vasilyev, Fingerprint empowers developers to detect and prevent online fraud with the world’s most accurate device identifier. It helps them block malicious activities, such as account takeover, stolen credit cards, and fake accounts. It helps developers build safe and seamless online services. The company’s API enables developers to link its service to help prevent fraud on their websites.

The company also makes it easy for any developer to get started with popular third-party integrations such as Cloudflare, Segment, CloudFront and many more. Additionally, Fingerprint partners with software vendors, including Dodgeball, Okta and Spec, to generate additional value for customers and increase customer retention.

With the most accurate device intelligence platform, it enables companies to prevent fraud and improve user experiences. The company processes almost 100 signals from the browser, device, and network to generate a stable and persistent unique visitor identifier that can be used to understand visitor behaviour.

Fingerprint’s technology is based on an open source library called Fingerprint.js. The company offers a pro version of the service that has more advanced features and functionality than the open source version. The pro version costs $79 per month for up to 50,000 requests.

The Fingerprint platform focuses on best-in-class accuracy, identifying 99.5% of returning users in less than 500 milliseconds of processing time. It is trusted by over 6,000 companies worldwide, including TD Ameritrade, Western Union, and US Bank. 

“With the gradual death of cookies and proliferation of VPNs, high accuracy device identification has never been more important. Companies battle sophisticated attacks from online fraudsters while needing to ensure their trusted customers have a frictionless experience,” said Dan Pinto, Fingerprint’s co-founder and CEO. “Fingerprint solves this challenge for thousands of companies by enabling accurate device identification and providing additional signals to inform visitor intent without inconveniencing legitimate users.”

“Fingerprint is becoming a modern utility for the internet economy to combat fraud,” said Abhishek Sharma, Managing Director of Nexus Venture Partners. “Any business that processes online transactions or payments should use Fingerprint. Its device intelligence API helps high-scale websites and apps prevent fraudulent transactions. We’re impressed by the product’s ability to deliver 10x+ ROI for its customers consistently. We love Fingerprint’s developer-focused go-to-market approach coupled with its ubiquitous open-source library, FingerprintJS. The company has commercially grown 20x over the past three years. It has a resounding product-market fit, from small businesses to large public companies. We’re thrilled to triple down and further strengthen our partnership with Fingerprint.”

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