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Female-led Quantia cements $1.2M to empower brands with AI-driven sales recommendations

Female-led Quantia cements $1.2M to empower brands with AI-driven sales recommendations
Image credit: Quantia

Quantia, a startup offering an AI-powered solution for boosting brand sales, has secured $1.2 million in a pre-seed funding round. This innovative platform aims to address a significant challenge faced by consumer brand managers: the difficulty of managing and analysing sales data across various channels.

Founded in 2023 by Marta Lacka, a former brand manager at Procter & Gamble, Quantia is born from firsthand experience with the complexities of data management in the consumer goods industry. Lacka recognized the limitations of existing data solutions – often delayed, fragmented, and requiring significant time investment to glean actionable insights.

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Driven by the frustration of manual data analysis, Lacka embarked on a mission to create a better solution. Despite lacking a technical background herself, she assembled a team of developers, including CTO Michał Ciemięga, to build a platform specifically designed to meet the needs of brand managers.

Quantia’s AI-powered approach to sales optimization

Delaware-based Quantia’s platform empowers brand managers with real-time, comprehensive sales data across all channels, both online and offline. This includes key metrics such as product availability, pricing dynamics (including promotions), stock levels, and sales volume data. By leveraging AI, Quantia analyses this data and provides actionable recommendations for optimising sales strategies.

Benefits for brand managers and retailers

According to Lacka, CEO & Founder of Quantia, the platform significantly streamlines the decision-making process for brand managers. Tasks that previously took 10 working days to complete manually can now be accomplished in just 3-5 minutes. Quantia not only saves time but also promotes transparency within the sales ecosystem.

“I firmly believe that both brands and retailers should have equal access to data on brand performance,” says Lacka. “This transparency helps them provide the best products for consumers and simultaneously drives category growth.”

Early traction and investor confidence

Quantia’s value proposition has resonated with major consumer brands. The company boasts clients such as Asahi Europe, Groupe SEB, Nespresso, and Procter & Gamble, alongside others in the electronics and food & beverage industries.

Investors have also taken notice. The pre-seed funding round was led by Inovo VC and Team X, with participation from prominent figures like Ariel Finkelstein and business angels including Dominique Locher (founder of and Ben Lang (early employee at Notion).

What we think about the startup

Quantia will utilise the funding to accelerate product development and fuel expansion across Western Europe, with a focus on the UK, Nordics, Spain, and Germany. As the company scales, it will continue to refine its AI algorithms to deliver even more accurate and real-time sales recommendations for brands of all sizes.

Quantia’s approach to AI-driven sales management has the potential to transform the way consumer brands operate. By streamlining data analysis and providing actionable insights, Quantia empowers brands to make data-driven decisions and optimise their sales strategies for the modern omnichannel retail landscape.

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