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EV startup Nimbus unveils a three-wheeled motorbike prototype with a roof

Photo Credit- Nimbus

Micromobility has been put up as a cure to free us all from the ill humours and clogged streets produced by gas-guzzling autos as shared e-scooter businesses have penetrated cities and e-bike sales have risen. However, one of the major barriers in the way of well-intentioned city dwellers who’d like to trade in their clunky and ecologically unfriendly vehicles for an e-bike or scooter is the question of what happens when it rains.

Nimbus, an electric car startup based in Michigan, intends to fix the problem with a simple solution: add a roof.

Nimbus One

The Nimbus One, a compact three-wheeled EV that “combines the ease and cost of a motorcycle with the safety and comfort of a car,” has lately emerged from stealth mode.

The thin, pod-like vehicle is just about 2.75 feet wide and 7.5 feet long, making it three to five times smaller than a compact automobile – ideal for parking and navigating congested city streets, according to Nimbus. It also offers space behind the driver’s seat for a second passenger or storage for errands such as grocery shopping. The backseat of the Nimbus, according to Nong, will contain ISOFIX points for baby seats.

Because of Nimbus’s exclusive tilting technology, the vehicle also tilts like a motorcycle or scooter.

The Nimbus has a top speed of 50 miles per hour because it is designed for city driving rather than interstate driving. According to the business, the 9 kWh battery has a range of 93 miles and a charge time of 1.2 hours on a Level 2 charger or 5.4 hours on household power. Nimbus’ batteries are removable, swappable, and can be charged in the owner’s home, taking a page from Gogoro’s book.

A display screen, Bluetooth-connected speakers, power windows, a speedy phone charger, heating, and optional air conditioning are included in the Nimbus One’s basic interior. According to the business, the vehicle also has a front-collision warning system, and more features can be transmitted to the vehicle via over-the-air upgrades.

Pre-orders for the Nimbus One began over the weekend, and enterprise customers will be able to test drive the vehicle within a month, according to Nong, who highlighted that the company requires a $100 down payment per purchase. The cars will cost roughly $9,980 if purchased outright, but the company plans to offer them as a $200-per-month subscription service.

In the United States, the Nimbus One is classified as an auto-cycle, which means it combines the best features of both a bike and a car. This does not necessitate the acquisition of a separate motorbike licence. Anyone with a driver’s licence is allowed to operate our vehicle, and they are not required to wear a helmet.

Future plans

Founded in 2018 by Lihang Nong, Nimbus is a vehicle platform developer whose goal is to alleviate traffic congestion. The company’s vehicle platform will service an increasingly urbanising global population with rising living standards while also reducing the car’s negative externalities, allowing customers to have a better passenger experience while also controlling climate change with a new transportation system.

In August 2021, Nimbus had raised a $4.7M seed round from Thiel Capital, the JAM fund, Conscience, Ponooc and Gaingels and further expects the same investors to participate as it looks to raise $20M in equity and $10M in debt for its Series A funding round.

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