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Coffee without beans is here! Food tech Atomo brews $40M for its beanless coffee


While we have heard about the meatless meat, it’s now time for beanless coffee. Over the last five years, numerous reports have emphasised the effects of climate change on coffee-growing regions around the world. Drought, frost, and rising temperatures have rendered present coffee-growing zones unsuitable, prompting growers to deforest tracts of virgin rainforest upland in order to reach more bearable climates for their coffee plants.

Atomo Coffee, a Seattle-based climate-friendly ‘beanless’ coffee company, has announced the completion of its Series A round, with a $40M investment led by S2G Ventures, AgFunder, and Horizons Ventures.

Fund usage

The funds will be used by the food-tech startup to expand production and market the company’s beverages to the public, beginning with two ready-to-drink cold brews in basic black and ultra-smooth versions. According to the firm, the drinks are made from plant-based materials and offer the same amount of caffeine that consumers expect from traditional coffee.

Atomo, which was founded in 2019 by Andy Kleitsch, Jarret Stopforth, wants to reverse engineer coffee using repurposed ingredients. Reports in recent years have stressed the impact of climate change on coffee growing regions around the world. Atomo says that its bean-free brew emits 93% less carbon dioxide and uses 94% less water than traditional coffee.

The Seattle startup’s launch is part of the city’s expanding coffee disruption scene, which is already known for its historically rich coffee culture (i.e. Starbucks). Atomo joins the ranks of other Seattle coffee firms such as Blockchain-powered Onda Origins and subscription service Bean Box.

Beanless coffee

“With Atomo in the hands of the consumer we are empowering them to drink coffee they love while making a choice to do something better for the planet every day,” states Andy Kleitch, CEO and cofounder of Atomo.

“Atomo’s cold brew products deliver great environmental benefits and their taste is superior to other products on the shelves,” adds Chuck Templeton “Great taste and better for the planet is a win-win combination.”

Atomo’s cold brew outperformed traditional cold brews by a factor of two in a blind tasting test conducted by National Food Labs. The survey participants were unable to determine that Atomo’s coffee was produced without beans, according to the data.

“We are amazed at how Atomo’s molecular platform is able to create such a premium beanless coffee experience for consumers, with every sip bringing confidence and satisfaction. Atomo is delivering on taste and sustainability for coffee lovers worldwide,” said Wayne Cheng of Horizons Ventures.

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