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Bringing the world a greener tomorrow: Europe’s sustainable startups to watch in 2024


As today we celebrate Earth Day, it’s a crucial time to acknowledge the challenges facing our planet and celebrate the innovative solutions that are emerging to combat them. This year, we turn our spotlight on a group of remarkable startups that are changing the game in sustainability across various sectors. From harnessing the power of AI to optimise building efficiency to pioneering self-installation solar solutions, these companies are paving the way for a greener future.

This list explores the groundbreaking work of WeDoSolar, Airex Technologies, Cozero, Infogrid, and AmphiStar. Each company demonstrates a unique approach to sustainability, showcasing the diverse range of solutions needed to create a more sustainable world.


Founded in 2021 by Karolina Attspodina and Qian Qin, WeDoSolar, headquartered in Berlin, is a producer of self-installation solar balcony sets, marking its presence in the renewable energy domain. The duo crossed paths through the entrepreneurial ecosystem, converging under the mentorship of company builder 1.5 Ventures. Driven by a shared vision of accessible solar technology, they ventured on a transformative journey to reshape energy consumption.

Recently, WeDoSolar unveiled its groundbreaking 5G smart micro-inverter, tailored for effortless self-installation, aimed at converting balconies into compact solar hubs via a dedicated app. The German sustainable startup also distinguishes itself by delivering solar solutions that are not only innovative but also user-friendly, affordable, and intelligently designed. 

While the company remains discreet about its total funding, it recently closed a successful seed round, hinting at investor confidence in its trajectory. With plans to secure additional capital in an upcoming Series A round within the next six months, WeDoSolar is poised for exponential growth and impact.

Further, they’re also expanding the product range and will be serving a market a single family households who will also be able to install solar by themselves without waiting for an installation team.

Airex Technologies

Launched in 2020 by Agnes Czako, Airex is a fast-growing climate tech company making waves in the smart home and sustainability sectors. Driven by a mission to combat climate change and fuel poverty, Airex offers innovative solutions that empower homeowners and landlords to take control of their energy consumption and indoor air quality.

Airex’s flagship product is the world’s first smart air brick and is backed by Sustainable Ventures. This ingenious invention tackles two crucial aspects of home health and efficiency: ventilation and heat loss. Their smart air brick uses built-in sensors to monitor temperature, humidity, and even weather conditions and has been rolled out on social housing-funded decarbonisation schemes across the UK. 

According to the company, Airex installations have already prevented a staggering 13 million kg of CO2 emissions, translating to nearly £13 million saved in fuel costs. Airex boasts a team of like-minded individuals united in their goal of making a positive impact. With a focus on the social housing sector, Airex are well positioned to address the escalating demand for innovation and energy efficiency solutions to fight fuel poverty.

Further, the London-based sustainable startup backed by Barclays has also raised £7.5M in funding so far.


The Berlin-based startup Cozero offers businesses a software solution for streamlined CO2 management. Founder Helen Tacke, an experienced VC, brings impressive backgrounds to the company that combine perfectly to address climate change. 

In 2020, she founded Cozero with Fabian Schwarzer, a strategic consultant, and Tiago Taveira, a software developer, to create Cozero’s groundbreaking carbon management platform. By bringing together this diverse team of experts, Cozero aims to lead the charge in decarbonising key industries.

Recently, the German climatetech has also raised €6.5 million in Series A funding from Kvanted Ventures, EnBW New Ventures (ENV), NewAlpha Asset Management, Henrik Larsen (former CPO, Maersk), Gero Decker (co-founder, Signavio), and others.

The latest investment will fuel Cozero’s international expansion and enable it to further develop its Climate ERP platform, designed to seamlessly integrate sustainability and core business processes.

Prior to Series A, they raised €575K in pre-seed funding and other public investments, including the EU funds for technology from Berlin, Investment Banks, IBB (Investmentsbank Berlin).

With over 375 million tonnes of CO2 emissions under management, Cozero positions itself as a leader in carbon accounting and management. Renowned companies like Maersk, Nippon Express, and Mosolf trust Cozero’s expertise to navigate the path towards a more sustainable future.



In 2018, William Cowell de Gruchy founded Infogrid, a London-based data and analytics firm with a focus on revolutionising building operations. Infogrid confronts building inefficiencies head-on using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Their innovative products serve as a digital brain for buildings, capturing and analysing vast amounts of data in real-time. This intelligence doesn’t just monitor; it reveals hidden insights, enabling real estate teams to make informed decisions.

With the recent appointment of Kate Henningsen as CEO, Infogrid is poised for an even greater impact. Prior to joining Infogrid, Kate co-founded and served as Chief Operating Officer of Arcadia, a tech unicorn specialising in energy data platforms.

Infogrid recently also secured $13M in funding to expand its solutions for real estate decarbonisation. Additionally, the company has been acknowledged as a top 10 leader in tech-driven climate action. Their client base includes global real estate giants such as Hilton Worldwide, Bridge Commercial Real Estate, and Invesco. Further, the climatetech’s AI-powered products provide unique insights that empower real estate teams to cut costs, reduce time spent on routine tasks, and identify opportunities for energy and carbon savings and has raised $138M in total so far.


Founded in 2021, Belgian startup AmphiStar is a game-changer in the world of surfactants.

The company offers a portfolio of locally waste based , microbial biosurfactants. These innovative products are a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil feedstock-based options commonly used in home and personal care products, agriculture, food, and more. The company recently secured €6M funding to launch waste-derived, eco-friendly biosurfactants. Unlike conventional surfactants derived from unsustainable palm oil or fossil feedstocs produced using classic harsh chemistry, AmphiStar’s products are part of a unique platform technology. This platform utilises bio-based waste streams and mild processing methods to create a diverse range of biosurfactants. This approach stands in stark contrast with environmental impact associated with traditional production methods but offers the diversity and flexibility the market is looking for.

Diversity in surfactants is crucial for their various applications, and AmphiStar is addressing this gap in the biosurfactant market. AmphiStar’s commitment to local production, bio-based feedstocks, and sustainable practices positions them to be a major player in the future of the surfactant industry. Their innovative solutions empower companies to develop effective and affordable products while prioritising environmental responsibility. As consumer demand for sustainable options continues to rise, AmphiStar is well-positioned for continued growth and leadership in the biosurfactant revolution.

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