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Dutch startup Orquesta secures €800K to launch Europe’s first all-in-one LLM operations and integration platform

Orquesta founders
Picture credits: Orquesta

The rapid advancement in generative AI after the launch of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and the emergence of Large Language Models (LLMs) have resulted in explosive growth in the number of companies utilising this relatively new form of AI. It is estimated that these tools that harness both external and internal datasets to generate new content such as texts, summaries, translations, and input for chatbots, will replace 44% of today’s work activities by 2027. 

Catching in on this growth, Amsterdam-based Orquesta has developed a technology that empowers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies and software teams to efficiently manage complex prompts and seamlessly integrate, streamline, and monitor diverse LLMs in their business operations without coding or having to maintain the complex and rapidly changing integrations. 

First-of-its-kind platform in Europe

In a recent development, Orquesta has raised €800K in an oversubscribed pre-seed funding round led by Curiosity VC with Adriaan Mol’s investment office, Spacetime, as co-lead. In addition, Golden Egg Check Capital, Magnetic Fund, and various angel investors such as Koen Köppen (Mollie), Milan Daniels and Max Klijnstra (Otrium), and Arje Cahn (Bloomreach) participated. 

The fresh funds will be used to fund the development and launch of the platform and gain market share in Europe, which is double the targeted amount. The platform’s launch is  set for early November 2023 and it will be available for SaaS companies across Europe, North America, and Asia.

“The accelerated development of new AI functionalities, leads to increased fragmentation, complexity and a need for speed within the technology landscape for our clients. This prevents the already scarce talent of our clients from focusing on strategic work and growth. With one LLM gateway, including all the necessary tooling, Orquesta is their partner to remain competitive”, said Sohrab Hosseini, co-founder of Orquesta. “We are very excited about the focus and multidisciplinary experience of the various VCs and Angels who match and support our level of ambition.”

Herman Kienhuis, managing partner of Curiosity VC added, “The availability of Large Language Models (LLMs) offers tremendous opportunities. With Orquesta, Sohrab and Anthony have developed a no-code platform that allows companies to easily configure, test, and manage complex prompts and various LLMs, leading the way in the market to assist companies in the application of these new Generative AI technologies.”

“Due to the acceleration of AI capabilities and adoption, we expect the landscape of LLM providers and models to grow exponentially. Orquesta has built a best-in-class no-code platform that allows engineers to focus on their proprietary product and shorten release cycles instead of managing LLM integrations, configurations, and rules”, said Adriaan Mol, founder of Mollie, Messagebird en Spacetime.

What does Orquesta do?

Orquesta was founded in 2022 by Sohrab Hosseini and Anthony Diaz in Amsterdam. offers SaaS companies a single, no-code gateway on which various LLM providers and models from OpenAI, Azure, Google, Hugging Face, and Cohere, can be directly integrated into business operations. The platform unifies management of all prompts, simplifying customisation, streamlining, experimentation, and providing real-time visibility into performance and costs.

All interactions and data are consolidated within one clear dashboard, simplifying the process of experimenting with different prompts in various models, as well as facilitating localization and personalisation.  In addition, the platform empowers clients of the technology startup to collect feedback directly from end users, domain experts and other AI models. 

These features, combined with real-time insight into performance and costs, makes for optimised results at all times, reducing SaaS companies’ release cycles from weeks to minutes, and minimises the costs associated with experiments and production environments. 

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