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Infogrid cements $13M funding to scale real estate decarbonisation solutions, led by climate tech pro Kate Henningsen

Infogrid cements $13M funding to scale real estate decarbonization solutions, led by climate tech pro Kate Henningsen

Infogrid, a leading building intelligence and analytics company, has secured $13 million in funding to propel its mission of tackling real estate’s environmental impact. This investment, co-led by Keyframe Capital and A/O, also shows the growing urgency for real estate to embrace data-driven solutions for decarbonisation.

In a relative note, earlier this month, we reported about how the Swedish startup Alrik raised €1M to reduce carbon emissions in construction businesses.

Fresh leadership for a greener future

The funding coincides with the appointment of Kate Henningsen, a renowned climate tech leader, as Infogrid’s CEO. Henningsen brings a wealth of experience, having co-founded Arcadia, a unicorn energy data platform. “Infogrid’s growth aligns perfectly with a transformative moment for the built world,” said Henningsen. 

Henningsen further added, “Their technology future-proofs buildings and offers a unique solution in the market. I’m thrilled to join Infogrid at this critical juncture to empower real estate organisations to reduce their carbon footprint. Climate change is our generation’s defining challenge, and Infogrid has the potential to become a category leader by facilitating large-scale impact.”

Challenges to solve in real estate

The real estate sector faces a confluence of challenges:

  • Shifting regulatory landscape: Stringent regulations like the SEC’s climate rules and the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive demand better environmental reporting.
  • High costs and rising interest rates: These factors threaten asset values, putting pressure on building owners to optimise performance and reduce costs.
  • Climate risks: Buildings are responsible for a staggering 37% of global carbon emissions, highlighting the urgent need for decarbonisation solutions.

How is Infogrid’s solution a data-driven answer to decarbonisation

Infogrid’s AI-powered platform equips real estate owners and occupiers with the tools they need to navigate these challenges. “The need for high-quality data to reduce energy and emissions, meet new disclosure requirements, and maintain access to capital markets has never been more critical,” said Infogrid in a statement. Here’s how Infogrid helps:

  • Reduce energy and emissions: Landlords can identify and address inefficiencies, leading to lower energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Meet disclosure requirements: High-quality data from Infogrid empowers real estate companies to comply with new sustainability reporting mandates.
  • Maintain market access: As investors prioritise sustainability, Infogrid equips building owners to demonstrate their commitment to ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals.

Investing in a sustainable future

The new funding round reflects how many investors are looking out to invest in companies that are solving real estate industry’s sustainability problems. “Infogrid’s technology future-proofs any building and delivers a solution not otherwise available in the market,” said Ben Birnbaum, Partner at Keyframe Capital, a new investor. 

Infogrid’s leadership team is further augmented by the addition of four experienced board members, bringing expertise in venture capital, clean technology, and real estate.

What we think about the startup

Infogrid’s impact has been acknowledged by its recent ranking among the top 10 global tech companies leading the charge on climate action. The company is already trusted by industry giants like Hilton Worldwide, Bridge Commercial Real Estate, and Invesco.

Infogrid’s $13 million funding round signifies a significant step forward in the fight against climate change. By empowering real estate players with data and insights, Infogrid, under the leadership of climate tech professional Kate Henningsen, is paving the way for a more sustainable built environment.

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