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BioFluff knits $2.5M in seed funding for sustainable alternative luxury materials


Decades of anti-animal fur activism has significantly changed the fashion industry. Campaigns involving supermodels and animal rights groups like People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals [PETA] have won-over several governments, bringing about various bans and restrictions in countries including the UK, Austria, and the Netherlands.

While synthetic replacements for animal fur have proved popular, the search for more natural feeling materials has led to the development of plant-based substitutes such as Arda Biomaterials’ Vegan Leather.

Seed funding round

Now, New York and Paris-based bio-materials startup, BioFluff has secured a $2.5 million in seed funding. Led by Astanor Ventures, a leading name in agrifood tech impact investing. This funding follows a pre-seed round of $0.5 million in 2022, led by SOSV, PDS Limited & Joyance Partners.

The announcement coincides with the launch of Savian, a luxury textiles collection introduced by BioFluff, as a plant-based alternative to both animal-derived and plastic-based fabrics.

The CEO of BioFluff, Martin Steubler, expressed his enthusiasm following the successful closure of the seed funding round, emphasising its significance in propelling the company’s mission towards a cleaner future. He remarked, “At the close of this seed round with best-in-class impact investors, we are poised to scale our unique approach to reducing reliance on animal and synthetic-derived products in the textile industry. This investment will accelerate our mission to provide brands with better materials for a cleaner future.”

The driving force behind this investment, Astanor Ventures is renowned for its commitment to fostering sustainability and innovation in the food and agriculture sectors. Christina Ulardic, Partner at Astanor Ventures, lauded BioFluff’s disruptive contribution to the luxury industry, “We were impressed by the passion and determination of the founding team. BioFluff has a unique offering for the luxury industry, fashion and textiles which is in full alignment with the Astanor mission of a more regenerative economy,”

Redefining luxury textiles

Savian, the much-anticipated luxury range from BioFluff, is an innovative collection that is crafted from natural plant fibres using proprietary technologies. This avant-garde line features fur, shearling, and fleece-like fabrics, marking a breakthrough in sustainable luxury.

The vegan-centric collection is not only free from GMOs but also incorporates natural and mineral-based dyes, presenting a diverse range of materials that have already captured the attention of leading luxury apparel brands and designers. Savian shows BioFluff’s commitment to innovation in sustainability within the industry.

BioFluff’s journey commenced in 2022 with a trio of founders, biochemist Martin Steubler, textile veteran Steven Usdan, and tech entrepreneur Roni Gamzon, who transitioned from computer science to the fashion-tech domain.

Founded in 2017, Astanor Ventures is a prominent player in agrifood tech impact investing. The firm’s commitment to driving positive environmental impact through disruptive technologies aligns seamlessly with its support for pioneering companies like BioFluff, furthering the cause of sustainability in the textile industry.

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