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Belgian startup that launched COVID-19 social distancing wristbands wraps up $25M funding

Image credits: Rombit

The extreme growth of the industrial, construction, and logistics market globally, has given rise to new concerns about blue-collar operations and compliance. Managing thousands of workers can be a daunting task and is a growing concern.

Raised $25M

Based out of Antwerp, Belgium, Rombit is one such startup that’s addressing the risks in logistics, process industries, and construction. 

Rombit on Wednesday announced that it has secured $25M funding in the Series B round led by Tikehau Capital and the Belgian Recovery Fund. 

Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister Vincent Van Peteghem says, “This first investment is the concrete kickoff of our Transformation Fund. Their wearable product has been discovered by many companies during the COVID crisis. It has proven to be an accelerator for Rombit to invest more and to grow.”

How will the funding be used?

Rombit intends to use this funding round mainly to scale its customer service organisation.

“We service a dozen blue-chip customers that are looking to expand across sites. In order to satisfy demand, we will increase our position in the difficult electronics market”, says Founder & Executive Director Jorik Rombouts. “With this funding round we are ready to scale our operations further in the EU, the US and the Middle East.”

Improves workflow

Founded by Jorik Rombouts in 2012, Rombit aims to improve workflows, planning efficiency, worker safety, and site security for both governments and for the port sector. 

Rombit designs multifunctional wearables, the ONE wearable automatically alerts when a frontline worker is in danger. 

In the vicinity of heavy equipment, the device acts as a lifesaver, as it prevents struck-by accidents. As such, Rombit adds a real-time layer to existing risk management processes.

“Increased safety and productivity go hand in hand and immediately affect the customer’s bottom line. Our real-time data provides these insights”, adds COO & Head of Products Evert Bulcke. “We keep looking ahead and invest in self-learning and self-sustaining products. In the Connected Worker market, Rombit wants to be the benchmark product.”

Rombit also personalise the solution according to the company’s needs, helping them to excel in safety, efficiency, and sustainability for the workforce and mobile equipment while reducing operational expenses.

CSO Kimball Felix: “Premium online and on-site service is the key to unlocking all the value our products can bring to the table. We are very happy with the results of our proactive approach so far, but to support new deployments we are hiring customer success teams in both the EU and the US.”

Dave Lambacher, Managing Director Rombit North America“On the back of the success of the contact tracing product we activated our worker safety applications. Logistics and construction activities share the same concerns, especially in industrial truck and frontline worker operations. Reassuring the workforce, reducing incident rates, working days lost and worker compensation claims is a priority for many.”

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