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As cyber attacks are on the rise, London startup Red Sift bags $54M for global expansion 

Red Sift, a London-based cybersecurity company is the provider of the only integrated cloud email security and brand protection platform.

Global expansion plans

In a recent development, Red Sift has raised $54 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Highland Europe that invested in Snapshift and another cybersecurity startup SoSafe along with participation from new and existing investors, including Sands Capital, Oxford Capital, and MMC Ventures. The funding has come at a time when the company has gained significant momentum in the past 12 months.

Red Sift will use the investment to further accelerate its global expansion with plans for a new US headquarters in Austin, Texas, and growth initiatives across the Asia Pacific, Europe, and Middle East regions. Also, the company is hiring across all departments, and doubling down on its platform innovation.

Besides the fundraising, Sam Brooks, partner at Highland Europe and Michael Graninger, partner at SANDS Capital, will join the company’s Board of Directors. The new investment brings Red Sift’s total funding raised to $69.8 million.

Rahul Powar, CEO of Red Sift said, “To be a genuine partner to our customers, we must help them protect against multiple interconnected threat vectors. As a result, we built a platform that enables rapid iterations across multiple products that all share a solid, enterprise-ready foundation. We are grateful for the support of our investors to scale our platform and deliver even more value to our customers.”

“With phishing attacks now ubiquitous, there is a necessity in the enterprise for Red Sift’s cloud security platform which prevents domain impersonation and provides inbox protection,” said Sam Brooks, Partner, Highland Europe. “We’ve been impressed by the technical prowess and commercial momentum achieved by Rahul, Randal and their team in a short time and are delighted to have the opportunity to partner with them.”

Michael Graninger, Partner, Sands Capital said, “Red Sift continues to be a genuine partner to its customers in countering the bad guys by offering a platform to protect organisations from multiple, varied and interconnected threat vectors. We’re happy to continue to support Red Sift as it innovates across multiple products that all share a solid, enterprise ready foundation.”

David Mott, Founding Partner, Oxford Capital commented, “We initially invested in Red Sift in 2016 before they had a single customer and we’re proud to have supported another deep-tech success story in the UK’s innovative tech sector that is expanding globally. We’re looking forward to working with them going forward to continue building the business.”

Integrated protection platform

Founded in 2015 by Rahul Powar and Randal Pinto, Red Sift is a cybersecurity company using machine learning to analyse and synthesise data from core business processes, such as email. With this, the company helps its global customer base better manage its online security.

It enables security-first organisations to successfully communicate with and ensure the trust of their employees, vendors and customers. As the only integrated cloud email and brand protection platform, automates BIMI and DMARC processes, thereby making it easy to identify and stop business email compromise, and secures domains from impersonation to prevent attacks.

Red Sift has international offices in the UK, North America, Spain and Australia. It boasts a client base of all sizes and across all industries, including Wise, Telefonica, Pipedrive, ITV, and top global law firms.

Red Sift solutions: A look!

Red Sift is committed to investing in its suite of cybersecurity products and accelerating technical innovation. Its portfolio includes award-winning DMARC product OnDMARC, and advanced threat protection solution OnINBOX.

Also, the company is all set to unveil its latest solution OnDOMAIN, which enables security personnel to quickly shut down phishing sites and discover legitimate but unsecured domains. Also, the product will defend their brands, and those within their supply chains, against abuse and reputational damage. OnDOMAIN will be available in early Q2 2022.

Notably, Red Sift is the only integrated cloud email security and brand protection platform for Office 365 and Google Workspace. Along with its partner Entrust, the company delivers the only integrated solution that helps organisations achieve BIMI certification to enhance email security and protect brand reputation.

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