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“Around Me” founder’s new startup Glassfy bags $3M to help app teams increase revenue

Image credits: Glassfy

Glassfy, a Turin, Italy-based App Revenue Management platform, has secured $3M in a Seed funding round led by Berlin-based VC firm Square One and London-based Inreach Ventures (backed Craft Docs). 

Glassfy will use the proceeds to help support the expansion of its product from an app subscription tool to a fully powered app revenue management platform.  

Besides, the startup has also expanded to Olivetti”-Town Ivrea in the Piedmont region near Turin 

Marco Pifferi, co-founder and CEO, “We are thrilled to use this funding to help accelerate the awareness of the need for tooling in this space. App owners have been underserved for years and we hope this brings awareness to the space and we see others contribute to the needs of app developers and product owners.” 

App revenue management platform

Founded by Marco Pifferi, Alex Kudelka, Luca Garbolino, and Fabrizio Bazzoni, Glassfy enables you to build, manage, and grow subscription and purchase offerings from apps.

Marco Pifferi has already developed the viral mobile app “Around me,” whereas Alex Kudelka built similar technology as Marco.

Glassfy says that its tool reduces the tremendous complexity of the in-app payment infrastructure so that publishers can focus on their core product.

Alex Kudelka, co-founder, and CRO said, “While this shockingly fast change will present enormous opportunities for app revenue growth before Glassfy no single tool existed to help app owners manage the complexity of managing multiple revenue strategies across many stores in a holistic way. We have heard firsthand from our users how app owners responsible for growth finally feel as if a tool is built for them.” 

Federico Wengi, partner of SquareOne said, “Glassfy is a unique software allowing apps developers to easily integrate with app stores worldwide. We decided to invest in Glassfy, because of their world-class team. Marco and Alex complete each other and bring to the table a unique skillset in the world of mobile app development and monetization. Additionally, we believe that Glassfy will receive strong tailwinds from the growing market of mobile apps.”

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