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Zesty grabs $75M to help organisations optimise cloud resources in real-time


Zesty, a California-based AI-driven cloud management platform, has secured $75M in a Series B round of funding led by B Capital and Series A investor Sapphire Ventures.

Existing investors, including Next47 and S-Capital, also participated in the round. The company has raised $116M since its founding in 2019. 

The issue

Today’s static nature of cloud infrastructure encumbers DevOps with the burden of managing cloud resources in a constantly shifting business environment. 

As a result, DevOps teams burn countless hours trying to make predictions and manual adjustments to ensure their infrastructure efficiently meets application demand. 

“The cloud has become the foundation for critical functions for countless companies, but more often than not, DevOps teams are stuck with static infrastructure, like discount program commitments or allocated storage volumes that waste time and money,” says Maxim Melamedov, CEO and co-founder of Zesty. “This situation is no longer tenable in today’s volatile economic environment, or any environment for that matter. DevOps teams shouldn’t be wasting their time babysitting the cloud. That’s why we’re excited to help companies save significant resources, both financial and human. This investment will help us grow our team and develop our products to meet the exploding demand for greater cloud flexibility.”

How Zesty solves?

Founded by Maxim Melamedov and Alexey Baikov, Zesty helps organisations scale cloud resources to fit real-time application needs.

It helps DevOps teams to slash cloud costs, maintain perfect app performance, minimize the hassle of managing infra, and fully realise the true flexibility of the cloud. This will also help companies like OVO Automotive, which intends to stream content on connected vehicles through cloud platform.

Further, Zesty’s solutions require zero human input – so engineers no longer waste time monitoring, measuring, predicting, and adjusting resource allocations.

As a result, the company’s customer base has grown by 127% from 2021 to 2022 and tripled its revenue. Their customer base includes hundreds of international companies – including Heap, Gong, Yotpo, Monday, and Wiz. 

“Despite its enormous value and scalability, the cloud still lacks flexibility, and that’s holding DevOps back,” says Rashmi Gopinath, General Partner at B Capital. “Teams are forced to make impossible predictions regarding future infrastructure needs, which leads to wasted money and is a huge drag on DevOps productivity. Nevertheless, dynamic cloud infrastructure is the game-changer many businesses have been waiting for, and we’re excited to be part of this cloud revolution.”

“Cloud computing continues to hold huge potential and promise for companies of all sizes and at all stages of the cloud adoption journey,” says Casber Wang, Partner at Sapphire Ventures and Zesty board member. “But that promise comes at an associated high cost: management intricacy, cloud waste, margin erosion, imprecise budgeting, and much more. Cloud needs have always been dynamic, and with Zesty’s differentiated optimization platform, companies can now see the ROI and stop making such a trade-off, programmatically.”

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