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Shenzhen-based mobile robot manufacturer YouiBot secures $47M to accelerate development

Image credits: Youibot

In the world of industrial manufacturing, robotics has achieved massive success. However, the lack of mobility is often considered a downside for commercial robots due to their limited range of motion. 

Consequently, numerous companies globally are shaking up things and addressing this problem in a big way by pushing the robotic boundaries — Mobile robots. 

Raised RMB300M 

YouiBot is one such company focusing on the manufacturing of mobile robots. Recently, the Shenzhen-based company has secured RMB300M (approx $47M) in two Series B funding rounds led by FG Venture and Xicheng Jinrui. 

Other investors, including IDG, Pine Venture, SIG, BlueRun Venture, SoftBank, and HAX, participated. YouiBot’s early-stage investors include ZhenFund, C&I Capital, Innoangel Fund, and XJTU 1896. So far, the company has raised RMB500M in funding.  

The Chinese company intends to use the funds to accelerate growth, business reach and expand operations.

80% revenue from China

Founded by Zhang Zhaohui and Bian Xu in 2017, YouiBot develops solutions that can be used in logistics management, factory automation, maintenance, and inspection for various industries.

YouiBot has secured a partnership with many famous brands domestic and abroad, such as LUXSHARE ICT, ASM, CRRC, FAST, China Huaneng, AICC, COMAC, and Hitachi.

The company offers services in 26 provinces and cities in China, with products exported to 30 countries like Japan, Korea, Singapore, Spanish, and Germany. As per the company’s claims, 80% of the revenue for the company comes from China.

Accurate robots 

YouiBot says that its robot has a positioning accuracy of ± 2mm, making it one of the few most accurate robots in the world at present. 

The company’s hardware & software integration solution supports the customised production needs of enterprises and realises digital production and information management. 

The company’s software-hardware integrated solution has been used by 3C, semiconductors, electric power manufacturers, and IDC. 

In a 36,000-㎡ frame factory of a precision electronics manufacturing enterprise, Youibot Robotics applied 150 mobile robots and its YOUI TMS system to build an unmanned workshop and upgraded the client’s production logistics, improving production efficiency and profits.

“YouiBot will focus on precision electronic manufacturing and energy continuously by means of its core advantages in the scenario, algorithm, software/hardware, and large-scale development, expand its mature scenario experience into new scenes and further quicken the pace of overseas market expansion,” says the company in the press release. 

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