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What is pre-commerce solution: This London-based startup raised $10M to enhance E-commerce with it

What is pre-commerce solution: This London-based startup raised $10M to enhance E-commerce with it

Purple Dot, a platform for pre-orders and waitlists in e-commerce, has announced the closing of a $10 million Series A funding round. Led by prominent venture capital firm OpenOcean, this investment aims to fuel Purple Dot‘s mission of eliminating unsold inventory in the e-commerce landscape.

Purple Dot’s pre-commerce solution has garnered the trust of hundreds of brands, including prominent names like Oh Polly, Lando Norris, Goorin Bros, and Astrid & Miyu. The platform facilitates millions of dollars’ worth of transactions each month, demonstrating its growing influence in the industry.

Earlier this month, we also reported about the startup called Made With Intent that secured £1.5M to target personalised e-commerce experiences.

What problem is Purple Dot solving

The Series A funding round shows the growing recognition of the issue Purple Dot tackles – the significant amount of unsold inventory impacting the sustainability and efficiency of e-commerce practices. By empowering brands to begin selling products before they physically arrive at warehouses, Purple Dot helps businesses reduce inventory risks and associated storage costs. This approach, regardless of whether the stock is one day or a year away from arrival, fosters a more flexible and cost-effective system.

Purple Dot believes the future of e-commerce innovation lies in the pre-stock arrival stage. Recent disruptions like the Red Sea shipping crisis have underscored the importance of supply chain resilience. By enabling pre-sales, Purple Dot empowers brands to manage these risks and maintain sales momentum despite unforeseen challenges. This translates to a reduced impact of supply chain disruptions on their financial performance.

How is it helping brands and e-commerce strategies

Madeline Parra, CEO and Co-Founder of Purple Dot, emphasises the company’s mission: “Our goal is to create a world where every manufactured product ultimately finds a buyer. The current e-commerce model forces brands to wait for stock to arrive before initiating sales, leading to missed opportunities and excess inventory. We envision the next wave of innovation happening before stock arrives, allowing brands to sell regardless of location. Purple Dot’s pre-commerce platform empowers brands by giving them control over sales timelines and maximising revenue potential. We are grateful for the support of our investors as we empower brands to transform their e-commerce strategies.”

OpenOcean backs Purple Dot’s vision

Sam Hields, Partner at OpenOcean, elaborates on their decision to lead the funding round: “We are excited to support Purple Dot’s vision of building the future of e-commerce. The company’s founders have identified a major industry pain point and developed a compelling solution to address it. What truly impressed us was Purple Dot’s unwavering commitment to customer value. They’ve built a strong core team and remain laser-focused on tackling unsold inventory and empowering brands with control over their sales timelines. This customer-centric approach, coupled with their innovative platform, positions Purple Dot to reshape the e-commerce landscape.”

What we think about the startup

Purple Dot’s successful funding round and growing industry recognition indicate a promising future for pre-commerce solutions. By tackling the issue of unsold inventory and empowering brands with greater control over sales timelines, Purple Dot has the potential to significantly reshape the way e-commerce operates, benefiting businesses, consumers, and the environment.

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