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Irish fintech unicorn Wayflyer secures $253M for its eCommerce growth platform

Image credits: Wayflyer

Irish revenue-based financing and growth platform for e-commerce businesses, Wayflyer, has secured $200 million in debt financing and a $53 million mezzanine facility from Credit Suisse. This debt financing follows a $300 million debt financing deal in May and a $150 million Series B funding raised in February this year, which valued it at $1.6 billion.

Fund e-commerce businesses

Wayflyer will use the debt facility to support further origination, which will enable it to quickly provide funds to e-commerce businesses. This investment is at a time when the company continues to identify and support high-growth businesses wishing to improve liquidity and operational resilience. With the funds, these businesses will be able to grow further, improve cashflow and drive sales. It will let Wayflyer to improve liquidity and support its ambition to provide the most competitive rates to its customers in Western Europe and the US.

Aidan Corbett, Co-Founder and CEO, Wayflyer commented: “Now, more than ever, eCommerce businesses need access to fair, flexible and affordable funding solutions from a trusted and resilient partner. “At a practical level, this deal helps support our objective to offer the fairest terms and the best rates to our customers while advancing Wayflyer’s unwavering commitment to being a trusted partner, irrespective of the impact of wider economic conditions on the market.”

How Wayflyer helps e-commerce businesses?

Founded in 2019 in Dublin by Aidan Corbett and Jack Pierse, the Irish unicorn intends to solve the biggest challenges faced by growing e-commerce businesses. It helps e-commerce businesses all over the world reach their growth potential by offering them a range of financing and analytics solutions. It provides them with a one-stop shop for the working capital needed to thrive and the data-driven knowledge and insight to spend their capital in an optimum way.

E-commerce businesses are given the flexibility to secure advertising space and inventory, resulting in growth and profitability. Wayflyer’s unique free analytics platform analyses marketing performance on a daily basis, equipping e-commerce businesses with world-class analytics and granular recommendations designed to improve performance. The company offers e-commerce players with customised and flexible financing plans that help businesses with their next stages of growth.

At a time when the e-commerce industry continues to rapidly expand, Wayflyer is positioned to help aspirational businesses unlock their true potential. It also solves some of the critical challenges that these businesses face. Wayflyer acts as a trusted growth partner to thousands of merchants worldwide.

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