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US security and compliance automation platform RegScale bags $1.5M funding

Image credits: Regscale

US-based RegScale is a young startup that delivers continuous compliance automation focused on the heavily regulated industries and frees organisations from paperwork with its compliance automation software. Now, the company has officially launched after emerging out from C2 Labs.

Besides its launch, the company announced that it has bagged an early investment of $1.5 million with partnership from Virginia Innovation Partnership Corporation (previously CIT) along with New Dominion Angels, as well as, several strategic investors.

RegScale will use the investment to scale up its platform. Also, it will ‘shift left’ compliance to reduce risk, accelerate innovation, and minimise the costs of manual compliance documentation.

Team with deep expertise

RegScale was founded by Anil Karmel and Travis Howerton in 2021. The founding team has a deep expertise in both government regulations and the industries that will be affected. Karmel was the NNSA deputy chief technology officer and has developed cloud computing solutions for DOE (Department of Energy) Nuclear Weapons Complex at the LANL (Los Alamos National Laboratory). On the other hand, Howerton has served in several executive positions such as CTO for NNSA (National Nuclear Security Administration) and the deputy CIO at ORNL (Oak Ridge National Laboratory).

RegScale’s continuous compliance automation solution lets organisations shift from manual compliance processes to automated, API-centric approach. To date, the company has witnessed over 5,000 downloads of its freemium edition. Notably, RegScale is designed to meet regulatory and compliance requirements with over 70 compliance requirements such as NIST, SOX, ISO, CMMC, and NERC-CIP.

Now, RegScale has five major customers added to its Enterprise Edition platform including U.S. Air Force (USAF), a Fortune 500 financial services company, U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and Johnson Controls Federal Systems.

Beneficial to customers

Customers using this continuous automated platform will benefit from the simple automated drag and drop workflows and TurboTax-like wizards, thereby letting them to create compliance artifacts at a much faster rate as they wait for approvals. It is possible by applying DevOps principles to the process. It is referred to as RegOps or Regulatory Operations approach.

It is possible for customers to integrate their existing compliance and security platforms with RegScale. It supports both manual and automated assessments in real-time, thereby helping organisations understand and manage their compliance risks proactively.

With this platform, the stakeholders, as well as, data owners work together in one platform to lower costs and improve productivity. With RegScale, the burden of documentation collection and fulfilling reporting needs have been reduced significantly to the customers with its API-approach. This approach lets customers use the same assessment details to comply with several requirements and visualise their compliance in real-time via their preferred business intelligence platform.

RegScale has created an open-source community to urge third-party collaborators to create integrations with its platform. With these integrations that are published freely as open-source, customers will support the RegOps approach.

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